Studio Janréji designed Marie Sixitine’s French stores.

Studio Janréji designed Marie Sixitine’s French stores.

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 A Parisian sketch book.
Studio Janreji marie sixtine stores

Studio Janréji designed Marie Sixitine’s French stores to resemble a sketch of a Parisian apartment. Its bohemian-chic, quietly decadent and refined style illustrated by a delicate selection of raw materials, muted colours and feminine accessories.
Studio Janreji marie sixtine storesThe porcelain lighting installations, designed by Axelle Sabatier and Louis Barbaray, reflect the gentle sophistication of Marie Sixtine’s collections. Associated with a selection of vintage design, and contemporary furniture designed by Studio Janréji.
Studio Janreji marie sixtine storesStudio Janréji has designed Marie-Sixtine’s stores in Paris, Vincennes and in selection of department stores.

Studio Janréji Interior architecture and design

Thanks to a love for the decorative arts and design, Régis Conseil, interior designer and founder of Studio Janréji, has established a unique and bold identity distinguished by a combination of different eras, styles and materials. Each project is given its own distinct personality through close attention to detail, the designer’s first-hand knowledge of furniture design and bespoke art installations. With this creative sensibility in place, Studio Janréji’s restaurants, bars and retail design is characterised by its warmth and originality. Régis trained in cabinetmaking at the prestigious Ecole Boulle, then in design at the Arts Décoratifs de Paris. Beginning his career in retail design at Jean Paul Gaultier, before making the natural move into bar and restaurant design. Established in 2011, Studio Janréji works on a diverse portfolio of projects, distinguished by their creative and functional designs. Mixing contemporary technical innovation with an ongoing love of traditional craftsmanship, Studio Janréji has forged close working relationships with a skilled network of artisans and partners.

Photos couresy Julie Ansiau


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