Furnishing solutions for pharmacies by Arken Group.

Furnishing solutions for pharmacies by Arken Group.

📅03 Maggio 2018, 09:00

Atmospheres” is the innovative offer proposed by Arken Group, which proposes furnishing solutions for Pharmacies.

The daily attention we pay to market demands has led us to the creation of two new collections: “ Yoisho ” and “ Sumi “. Warm and welcoming the second, linear and rigorous the second.

Arken soluzioni di arredo per Farmacie ParafarmacieThis opens new perspectives for experimentation and stylistic choices, able to satisfy the needs of each pharmacist. “Atmospheres” represents the plot on which to build its own idea of pharmacy, reflecting Arken philosophy under which each Store is a “sewing dress on the customer“.
Arken soluzioni di arredo per Farmacie ParafarmacieThanks to the widespread sales network, throughout our domestic and foreign partners, we are able to carefully assist our customers and to follow them in all the steps of the process, from planning to mounting.

With 25 years of experience in different product sectors, we differ from the old model of interior designer. In this way we are able to provide customized solutions for different purchasing areas and furnish multi-functional pharmacies, creating unique atmospheres capable of increasing the profitability of the shop.


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