WJCON the new line of low-cost cosmetics made in Italy

WJCON the new line of low-cost cosmetics made in Italy

📅19 Ottobre 2012, 15:35

Appearance has become a basic need for contemporary humans who want to create a Pirandellean mask for themselves so as to seem more relevant, or adequate, and in any case better able to blend in with an image-obsessed society.

It is in this social setting that the cosmetics industry comes in, fully exploiting the needs of individuals.

In order to take advantage of this opportunity, Wjcon has focused on innovation from the start in order to better understand the needs of people, on research and development to make scientific breakthroughs in the cosmetic field, and on the creativity of communication in order to develop and maintain a fast growing brand.

“Thanks to our passion, our constant search for new products, and anticipation of the trends that underlie our philosophy and our business strategy. This allows us to constantly identify new market segments, continuously enabling access to innovative products and quality at a great price. We cater to people of all ages, who are attentive to innovation, but above all who love to shake up their personality and beauty with colour.”

For the new sales point recently opened in the “Romaest” Mall, the SPINADESIGN Studio in Naples has designed and implemented a plan that fully reflects the company philosophy.

Wjcon cosmetics Spina Design

The entire layout is characterized by a strong visual impact, aimed at stimulating the whole multi-sensory sphere, with communication that takes place both statically, with the simple company communication and custom graphics, or dynamically, using LED TV directly embedded into the displays that transmit video make-up tutorials.

Wjcon cosmetics Spina Design

Even outside the room, the same concept has been followed, in fact, in the external façade, covered completely with black tempered glass, backlit advertising graphics are included, which attract the attention of passersby in the mall.

The furniture, designed to be both containers and displays, is made of lacquered MDF, leaving the display part white and the containment part black. Each display is designed and tailored according to what it needs to contain, placing the products in suitable laser-perforated Plexiglas housing.

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