ALICE EUPHEMIA Melbourne | by Edwards Moore

ALICE EUPHEMIA Melbourne | by Edwards Moore

📅26 Novembre 2012, 13:17

The new store design for Alice Euphemia aimed to transform the existing space into an entirely new retail experience focusing on the experiential.

The fitout is based on the notion of an internal ‘terrain’ which connects both levels of the store, the area beneath this terrain is transformed thought the use of colour and lighting into a comfortable cave-like space in which the clothes are displayed like jewels on a series of sweeping rails which appear to float in the space.

ALICE EUPHEMIA Melbourne | by Edwards MooreThe store aims not only to maximise retail opportunities via extensive and flexible display spread throughout the height of the space, but also to provide an ‘otherworldy’ atmosphere and sense of importance to support the Alice shopgirl’s increased emphasis on personal styling.

The timber steps are gently stained to maintain a sense of their materiality, the underside in a dark tint and the upper surfaces limed white.

These steps offer opportunity for display across their entire surface, supporting mannequins and bespoke acrylic display boxes which can be reconfigured to suit the change in seasons & ranges.

The path of travel has been carefully considered to encourage the customer to engage with the new store, the flexibility of the design allowing for the store to regularly change, keeping the interest of the frequent visitor whilst maintaining a sense of awe for those new to the brand.

Architect Edwards Moore
Trained in the UK, working in London for a number of years before re-locating to Melbourne to work at LAB, Sir Nicholas Grimshaw Architects & 1:1. Ben has a passion for the art of making things and the conceptual rigour that underpins them. From unique and highly considered furniture to buildings of infallible detail. His passion for design has earned him numerous accolades, but Bens focus remains on the design in process, challenging the norm in every instance to ensure a product of absolute resolution.

Photos courtesy Tony Gorsevski
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