SWELL by Christopher Jenner

SWELL by Christopher Jenner

📅17 Dicembre 2012, 07:15

Hand made in England with a quintessentially playful and contemporary edge, the collection is a study in artisanal craftsmanship and extensive technological manufacturing processes.

The collection is heavily influenced by the classic furniture upholstery of English horsedrawn carriages, and the spirit of childhood.

SWELL by Christopher Jenner
These contrasting inspirations culminate in seven SWELL pieces which spiritedly reinterpret the established canon of form and shape.

Entirely British made, the collection features deeply buttoned leather benches, ottomans, and stools on aluminum forms, while the profoundly technical galactic tables are robotically milled and finished with glass legs.

The hand lathed lighting pieces are topped with blown glass shades featuring bubble portholes. A complex and detailed collection it is produced in a spectrum of complimentary colours, inspiring a sense of happiness.

Created to engage, the collection is not only beautifully constructed, but ultimately one of function and joy.

SWELL by Christopher Jenner

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Photos by Michael Franke


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