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Innovation for a new generation: the new concept for the Marc O’Polo flagship store opens the doors to a new sense of retail well-being.

After more than a decade, time had come for a completely new redesign.

Marc O’Polo flagship store

The result is now on view in the very heart of Munich—between Theatinerstraße and the Fünf Höfe. Inside the new world of Marc O’Polo, the layout of the rooms, the interior design and lighting are choreographed to communicate ‘Nordic lifestyle’ and highlight the philosophy of the company with Swedish roots: urban, modern, casual.
The feeling of visiting a modernized, historic apartment building soon takes over after entering the store through its two-storey entranceway.

Once immersed in this world, all 800 sqm instantly communicates a love for detail. Scandinavian designer furniture, high ceilings, carefully combined items like suitcases, photos, books and large, unexpected objects all bring the store to life: the lifestyle of the urban nomad.

Marco O'Polo Monaco by Dan Pearlman

The lighting concept merits special attention: reflecting off the black Nero Assoluto floor are 16,000 LED lights forming the atrium ceiling, which modulates its intensity according to daytime brightness.

Inside the changing rooms, customers are bathed in a golden light and over 300 LED lights share space with a six-meter tall waterfall of Tobias Grau lamps.

Here nothing is left to chance, and no later than entering the men’s world through the dressing room are the borders blurred between the retail world and the world of experience.

Sustainability is the priority and company mission of Marc O’Polo and dan pearlman, and is also evident in this project’s careful use of long-lasting, energy efficient and high quality, natural materials. Here specialized retail concepts are coupled with environmental responsibility.

Marco O'Polo Monaco by Dan Pearlman

Design Dan Pearlman Markenarchitektur GmbH
Designer Volker Katschinski | Creative Director Retail, Founder & Associate of Dan Pearlman
Area  800 sqm
Photos courtesy Marc O’Polo

Dan Pearlman

Dan Pearlman is a strategic creative agency in the areas of brand strategy, brand communications, brand architecture and experience architecture.  As an interdisciplinary, holistic agency, Dan Pearlman combines strengths in different areas: Branding, Research and Innovation, Internal Branding, Brand Experience, Fairs and Events, Retail, Visual Communication, 3D and Motion, Public Relations, Hospitality, Leisure, and Zoo. Since the establishment in 1999, Dan Pearlman has been trusted by many national and international clients, who cooperate with the agency. Among the main customers of the Berlin-based agency with 60 employees are: Allianz, BMW, Lufthansa German Airlines, Mercedes-Benz, MINI, Roca, Qatar Railways, Rene Lezard, Karstadt and Marc O’Polo. Dan Pearlman was honored several times for many various projects.
The honors of particular note are: the Design Award of the Federal Republic of Germany 2011 in gold for the Lufthansa Brand Academy and the Store of the Year 2011 Award for the design and development of brand and store concept for COEO.