Hair Salon in Bangkok by NKDW

Hair Salon in Bangkok by NKDW

📅20 Aprile 2013, 15:54

Thai designer Nattapon Klinsuwan of NKDW looks to nature to answer that question in order to create a green city and promote economic growth.

His design for a hair salon located in the heart of Bangkok explores this interest.

salone Bangkok studio NkdwThis salon appears to be wrapped by numerous bamboo sticks hanging from the ceiling in different levels throughout the space. Klinsuwan designed the space as a sculpture that people can walk through and look around, making them question what they are seeing.
Hair Salon in Bangkok by NKDW
Instead of creating walls or partitions to separate working areas, the designer divides them by using different lengths of bamboo sticks hanging down from the ceiling until some poles are long enough to hit the floor in order to blend the line between the wall and the ceiling.

This also creates permeable walls to screen off the coloring and shampooing areas. The designer was inspired in this idea from the natural space of caves while he was traveling in salone Bangkok studio Nkdwthe South of Thailand. In caves, rock formations called stalactites hang downward like icicles; stalagmites are ones that begin below and stick upward. Often, the stalactite and stalagmite will connect, and become a column, forming a wall and creating rooms within the natural space.

Klinsuwan also values the use of materials in this project by using local materials that can control the budget and create an eco friendly place. He focuses on bamboo, a fast-growing material and alternative to timber that is widely used in the region. Klinsuwan collected 11,250 bamboo poles in different sizes from Eastern Thailand, this approach also providing prosperity to local people.

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Photos courtesy Nattapon Klinsuwan

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