MARCO PIVA Signes The Bulgari window at Basel.

Another occasion for Studio Marco Piva to collaborate with Bulgari, after he signes  the worldwide windows of the brand in autumn 2012.

At BASELWORLD, The Watch and Jewellery Show, from April 25th to   May 2nd in Basel, (Switzerland), Marco Piva has been called to interpret the large external window of the booth, a tribute to the male universe and the Roman heritage.

Bulgari Marco Piva Basilea Window

This window is of crucial importance, as it is at the entrance of Hall 1, the first to welcome visitors in their entrance into the pavilion. We have figure out to recall the run of the imposing outer façade designed by Studio Sclavi, a reference to the iconic Bulgari Serpenti and to the Tubogas jewellery technique, designing columns that follow the movement of the structure above, bending and merging with it.
The movement of the columns recalls   the advance of the hands of clock, a reference to the process of time, which leads the visitor up to the entrance of the stand. The columns, in black marble with red-gold streaks, act as a showcase for watches and, at the same time, remind the visitor the color’s vein of Octo, the Bulgari watch o that goes beyond the rules that dominate the world of men’s watches, with a strong and charismatic personality and its own distinctive character, as the window we have figure out .

Behind the columns, black mirrored backlit serigraphed glass elements detect, through a game of led lights, images related to the symbol‘s elements of the brand. Here the technology has been crucial: the glass plates represent a new frontier of the Interior Made in Italy, which finds its synthesis being able in decorating the spaces without invading them.
The images are not visible when the decorative plates are off; they appear only when the LEDs are lit. As if you could stop the time, the images of these watches that appear out of nowhere from the matter evoke the idea of an hidden preciousness,  of a world yet to be discovered.

Bulgari Marco Piva Basilea Window

Credit External Window:
Design: Studio Marco Piva
Supllier and creator of the glass technology: Apuomarg Srl in collaboration with Lorenzo Tognocchi and
VAB. (World premiere, with patent April 2, 2013).