Territoire REDSKINS | Quality, authenticity and an industrial look

Driven by teenage dreams and with just a few dollars in his pocket, Serge Aboujedid founded Territoire REDSKINS in 1984 with Michel Szynkier, which began by manufacturing and distributing leather clothing for men.

Territoire Redskins

Over a quarter of a century later, the company now counts over a hundred employees.

Today the brand boasts 1200 retailers, its own network of shops and many licensees and its collections now include textiles, shoes, leather items, luggage, glasses and women’s and children’s apparel.

The new Territoire REDSKINS interior concept is planned for a total of 27 stores with an average retail space of 150 m2. It emphasizes quality, authenticity and an industrial look.

The development team created a unique atmosphere which exudes a sense of freedom and adventure, using different interior components and selected materials.
Territoire Redskins

Grid 50 by Visplay was used in black steel duro. The surface support system combines three functional levels for cross-merchandising: display, design and decoration.

It blends in perfectly with the stylistic design. Grid 50 offers flexible use of merchandise supports and decorative elements for visual merchandising and can be easily adapted to changing merchandise density.

Place CCR Belle Epine
Country France
Architect Metropol Concept, Paris (France)
Shopbuilders D’Arcangeli, La Chapelle-Saint-Luc (France)