CuldeSac™ relaunches the legendary Valencian beer Turia Märzen in 330 ml bottles

In addition to reviving the rich universe of the brand, the creative studio is responsible for the new and iconic pop-up store Casa Turia.

The toasted beer Turia Märzen comes back in bottle form to enjoy a second golden age in the city where it was born almost 80 years ago, where it became popular and withstood the test of time and survived in the taps of some Valencian bars.


Faced with such a special occasion for the brand, the CuldeSac™ team has once again demonstrated its ability to respond creatively to the challenge and give new life to the historical imagination of Turia Märzen.

Casa Turia, the pop-up store that sprung up in the centre of Valencia thanks to the creative minds at CuldeSac™, was created in order to make a reference point to show off all of the values that have always accompanied Turia beer, as well as the heritage of the brand linked with the growth of its city of origin, its culture and the lifestyle of its people. Casa Turia tries to be that crucible where all of these ingredients can fuse together and present Turia Märzen in its new format.

Furthermore, CuldeSac™ –specialists in repositioning and adding value to brands– has performed a branding exercise that consists of translating the Turia Märzen experience to all types of online and offline communication media. This includes both the spaces and their presence on social networks, their web site, audiovisual material and even details such as coasters and bags.

The essence of Turia Märzen comes back stronger than ever thanks to the interesting historical research that CuldeSac™ has carried out in order to create a strong identity that combines the current brand experience with the imagined history and lifestyles of times past. To that end,CuldeSac™ has collaborated with documentary makers and collectors who have contributed to restore the great experience that surrounds “the true beer of Valencia.”


Casa Turia, an exceptional brand experience

Located in the heart of Valencia (C/ Marqués de Dos Aguas, 4) is the recently opened Casa Turia pop-up store, which celebrates the relaunching of bottled Turia Märzen and generates an enrapturing experience that immerses visitors in the world of the brand.

This establishment, whose conception and design bear CuldeSac™’s signature, acts as a meeting point for both Turia aficionados and those who want to rediscover a home-grown brand that is historically and emotionally linked with the city of Valencia.

Casa Turia will be open until the end of October to help the relaunching process and provide diverse activities. Furthermore, you can purchase everything from the beer itself to brand merchandise and a selection of Valencian-designed products in the store.

CuldeSac™ has built this space, recreating the iconic form of a house, a compact form that fairly evokes the essence of Turia beer and the city of Valencia. In this manner, Casa Turia shows us the inner workings of the process for brewing the beer and its ingredients, acts as a perfect backdrop for taste testings and pairings and looks back at the brand’s milestones over the history and experiences of Valencian life from the ‘50s, the ‘60s, the ‘70s and so on through to 2013.

Relive your memories and connect with the present

With Casa Turia, CuldeSac™ wants to symbolically recreate a living room within a home. A warm and very homey space that evokes the intense relationship between Turia and its environment, one which establishes a sincere and close relationship with the public, going beyond merely commercial affairs and instead connecting with the memories and recollections of different generations: the older generation who drank Turia Märzen in their youth and those who remember the beer from Sunday dinner with their parents.

In “its house,” Turia Märzen recognizes that the company is the same as ever, restoring the good things –tradition and know-how– and updating itself with a fresh and more modern image. From the outside, Casa Turia is particularly visible and striking, given that its structure extends beyond the entrance windows. The window display is a dynamic device that uses movable modules –made from bottles– in the guise of traditional Valencian latticework. Inside we see that the entire surface area of Casa Turia is replete with touches and details that visitors discover throughout the walk-through, making a circuit through the culture, the traditions and the history.

The structure of the space simulates a framework covered with several layers, only crossed over by a series of screen windows that allow visitors to see fragments of Valencian life from each of the decades of the second half of the 20th century. The roof, which is made of pinewood shingles, has several openings that allow light to shine in, recreating the Valencian custom of finding shelter from the sun during summer months.

The homegrown character is also seen in the building materials, which show off the traditional textures of wattle and daub. Furthermore, a vertical garden with fragrant plants from Levante awakens sensations through smell. The table on the first floor transports us to the present and acts as a reflection of the new Turia beer. Here, visitors come in contact with the beer as it stands now, up-close and in person.

The store is located in this area, where there is a space dedicated to the product, the packaging and a window display. Here is where Turia Märzen lives with other contemporary products and homemade objects.The second pathway is envisaged as the kitchen/dining area within the house and is where they talk about how the product is made, its ingredients, and where the brewmaster uses the explanatory material on the table during taste testings and pairings with products from the region.

Discovering everything that makes the Turia Märzen toasted beer special, visitors access what functions as a living room for the house. The windows symbolically project the overall history of the brand and revive the emotional link with that history, bringing back the lifestyles from times past.

About CuldeSac™

CuldeSac™, a strategic and creative consulting company headquartered in Valencia, develops ideas and concepts to bring added-value and business to brands. The multi-disciplinary team that makes up this creative laboratory specializes in the development and execution of unique brand experiences throughout the world.  CuldeSac™ is currently one of the most versatile studios in the Spanish creative world. Recognized internationally and a regular collaborator with premium brands, the studio explores alternative routes to carry out interdisciplinary projects on spaces, products, branding, events, communication and PR.