Calvin Klein taps Toshiba for in-store technology.

Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions has announced that the fashion brand Calvin Klein has deployed its TCxWave solution in the brand’s retail locations across Europe.

The TCxWave allows retailers to use technology throughout the store to create a smooth shopping journey, Toshiba said in the release. Through the solution’s touchscreen interface and gesturing features, the device can be used for POS and personalization purposes by a store associate, or with additional placement options the device can take on interactive kiosk funtionality for the shopper to use first-hand.

The units are also customizable by allowing for software integrations with both Toshiba technology and third-party applications. Working with Toshiba Business Partner KOEL b.v, the systems will run a third-party, Windows 7-compatible application by software developer Futura Retail Solution AG.

We are constantly working to provide our customers with both quality fashion and a quality shopping experience, and Toshiba’s ability to deliver a versatile point of sale technology that helps drive our goals was central in our decision to invest in Toshiba TCxWave systems for our European stores,” said Arne Tjalma, VP, ICT.PVH Europe for Calvin Klein.