VIBE Club – VIBE Vibration Become.

Bringing back to life a nightclub already in business for 30 years was not an easy achievement, especially if its prestige had been quite diminished in the passing of time.

The goal was to catch up with the times. This was the starting point for the study of the concept by Giovanni Bruni, a young designer as well as the creator of the brand, and art director of the club, and for Studiounodesign to create the ambitious project of VIBE Vibration Become. Born from the ashes of a historic Tuscan nightclub, in one of the inland areas, the VIBE’s goal was to give back to this old club the same glory that has characterized it for three decades.

The first step was to redistribute space in order to create different zones of aggregation in specific areas,” Giovanni Bruni explains, “by creating a thread that accompanies the customer from the entrance to each area of the club up to the console, the core of the nightclub from which I wanted them to dictate the atmosphere of the establishment.”

After a careful comparison and exchange of ideas between the project designers, the result was a club of 500 square meters divided into precise areas uniformed by a monochromatic palette on which the desired atmospheres explode in richness and contrasts. This includes fine details and selected furnishings in a frame of lights, visual and technological effects and decorative motifs (again in collaboration with EDF crew) that will leave all the night owls of Tuscany breathless.

Via del Tiglio 143
c/o Centro Torretta White

Concept&Design: Giovanni Bruni Designer + Studiounodesign
Artwork: EDF Crew
Photo: Nico “Lopez” Bruchi