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SAVVY Studio designed the Cioccolato pastry boutique in San Pedro Garza García, Mexico.

Pasticceria Messicana Cioccolato by Savvy Studio

Cioccolato is a pastry boutique specialized in custom desserts for special events. In the last couple of years, auteur pastries has grown considerably, which is why brand and product differentiation have become crucial factors for the success of a business.

The creative minds at Savvy Studio focused on creating a modern and bright boutique that incorporated the slogan of the pastry company, “Bake & Decor.”

 Cioccolato mexican pastry boutique

Thus, the store’s interior design has bakery-related elements like cute sacks of sugar and flour as well as large jars filled with bright candy topings. A table with a gloopy, dripping leg, picture frames that trickle down the walls and a big hunk of chocolate splashed on the counter… the indulgent touches to an otherwise clinical space add character, charm, and temptation. There are also a few cupcake displays, and there is a wall covered in fun posters.

Pasticceria Messicana Cioccolato by Savvy Studio

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by AN shopfitting magazine