AW LAB, an innovative shopping experience thanks to M-Cube


Digital Signage and In-store Radio to increase traffic in store, enhance the perception of the brand and guarantee a unique shopping experience.

Athletes World is the leading Italian sport company with more than 150 stores in Italy. It chose M-Cube’s technology to support the launch of the new brand AW LAB and create a new generation of retail shops designed as trend setting “urban sport style” workshops.

In 2011, Athletes World created AW LAB to promote a consistent and unified look across all sport shops portraying its mission “Your Urban Style Refresher”. The AW LAB’s strategy is to offer a wide selection of unique products from the major international sports brands – fashionable sport clothes and trainers, supported by an expert sales team. To make all this happen, AW LAB required finding a supplier with reliable technology and a professional service who could meet its communication needs.

After a benchmark evaluation from current leading digital signage suppliers, AW LAB chose M-Cube. The company met the requirements both in technology with the digital signage platform Scala and in the service offered.

The renovation project for the AW LAB stores is formed of two parts

Implementation of the digital signage technology in the retail shops and the in-store radio. The shops are being completely renovated and the in-store customer experience is thought as a digital shopping experience. To achieve this goal, in the new layout, 75 shops have been fitted with digital signage displays in the window (2 monitors making a vertical banner) and a banner display behind the counter (2 monitors making a horizontal banner).

AW LAB’s objective is to augment its communication capabilities for the clients in store. The content on the displays can be updated quickly and shared on different channels. The palimpsests are updated weekly in all the shops. The contents shown on the displays vary from product promotion videos and Partner’s TV adverts, AW LAB videos and life-style videos to support the marketing campaigns in store.

M-CUBE AW LAB digital-signage

In addition, AW LAB has implemented the in-store radio in all the shops; thanks to this the proximity marketing is even more exciting and captivating. The music accompanies the customer while in the store improving the shopping experience.

The in-store radio allows communicating consistently and in an innovative way with the clients through a dedicated palimpsest. The AW LAB Radio represents the brand giving a consistent image throughout the stores. Thanks to the flexibility of organizing and changing the contents depending on the time and the customer profiles, the in store shopping experience is enriched.

M-Cube provides a complete service centrally managed from the M-Cube Radio department. The day-program is broadcasted in the retail shops through the M-Cube player, the in-store audio reproduction device developed by the company.

The music is chosen on an ad hoc basis and M-Cube music designers create the daily programs from the instructions provided by AW LAB. They create the music playlists and schedule the daily program broadcasting times for the music, advertisements and messages.

The new AW LAB stores have noticed a considerable number of advantages since this project. The launch of the initiative has without doubt increased in store traffic and the shop’s modern layout has proven to be highly attractive to the public.

The digital signage has boosted the marketing mix, integrating the in store communication with multimedia contents.  This has a high impact and attracts the customer’s eye becoming the distinctive feature of AW LAB’s shops. The in-store radio makes proximity marketing even more engaging and exciting. It gives a strong brand identity for our stores through a dedicated palimpsest composed of music and adverts,” states Rocco Carena, AW LAB Marketing manager.

It makes us very proud to have played a crucial role in the transition phase of a brand and to see the results obtained in such a short time. To be able to achieve significant excellence in today’s retail world using our technology, like with AW LAB it shows that M-Cube has developed an important “know-how” that can be found in our solutions,” said Leonardo Comelli, M-Cube commercial director. “The great experience gained with AW LAB has been extremely positive and we plan to complete the re-styling of all the stores within 2014,” concludes Comelli.


Established in 1997, Athletes World is the leading Italian sport company with more than 150 stores. AW LAB founded in 2011, is Athletes World new generation of retail shops designed as trend setting “urban sport style” workshops. The AW LAB offers a wide selection of the most famous sport brands trainers and a wide range of unique sportswear. There is also a personal company’s brand collection of accessories and clothes, BeAW.

M-Cube S.p.A

M-Cube is a leading company in integrated multimedia systems for the modern retail chain stores in Italy: the design and implementation of the in-store radio, marketing intelligence and digital signage communication projects. Founded in 2001, M-Cube has over 30 employees in Trieste and Milan. It is divided into four departments: in-store radio, digital signage, network and project management, creative media production. The company manages 2300 digital signage displays  and 4000 in-store radio workstations in Italy and abroad.

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