ROLLON, Moving Shop Windows

ROLLON, Moving Shop Windows

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The value of quality.

Rollon Moving Shop Windows

Focus on quality is the first rule if your brand is to remain in the select group of sought-after brands. Every element must contribute towards brand excellence, and no choice should ever be made at random, even apparently simple decisions like moving a display unit in a store. In this case, the technology used must offer outstanding reliability and high performance.
This is why components produced by Italian company Rollon, a manufacturer of linear rails for a range of sectors, are seen in retail shop windows and wherever material handling systems are required by the luxury sector, from retail stores to museums, aeronautics, railways, medical and energy industries, logistics and industrial machines – and these are just a few examples!

Freedom of Design

Rollon has developed a technologically groundbreaking product that provides the perfect response to luxury market demands. Every device that moves on a Rollon linear rail runs smoothly and silently, leaving the interior designer free to create. This lack of restrictions is a feature that cannot always be taken for granted, especially when ambitious applications are involved. This creates exceptional added value. In practice, this means that the fundamental design concept does not have to adapt to the equipment used, but rather the reverse. Rollon material handling systems allow the design process to develop, with no limitations, the choice of materials used or the desired dimensions and shape, because the Rollon product range always offers the right solution – which can also be tailor-made with the help of their R&D Department.

Moving Shop Windows

A famous Italian haute couture brand, wanted to create and move a whole display unit. This consisted of moving  a mannequin – in one smooth movement, without any undue effort by the staff. The movement had to involve no friction or noise. The unit also had to remain exceptionally stiff, to avoid any contact with the floor resulting from structural bending. The main difficulty lay in the glass material used – which is very heavy in relation to its dimensions. Rollon responded with a custom-designed product, DE 63, an extremely rigid, compact, telescopic rail with remarkable load bearing capacity, able to guarantee smooth silent sliding. It has now become a Rollon standard product available to everyone. This high performance unit meets the premium quality standards demanded by the luxury goods market.

Rollon Moving Shop Windows

Rollon has created several applications for the contractor/ building & furniture sector, both retail and high-end hotels. The most popular items in the luxury sector are handling systems for display furnishings. The range includes pull-out and sliding display units, reception desks with sliding doors, round rotating beds (360° or 180°), tilting tops, and living-room wall with built in aquarium. Headquartered in Vimercate. Over the years, the company has achieved international leadership in linear handling systems by focusing on several key factors, the main one being the ability to develop customised solutions based on client needs through its own R&D Department, fine-tuning these solutions to meet market demands.
It also offers a complete product range of linear rails and actuators designed to provide a solution to all design requirements. Rollon has a worldwide presence that includes direct branches in France, Germany and the United States, alongside an extensive network of distributors. This comprehensive coverage ensures prompt assistance and quality consulting services even in emerging countries, where the company is currently consolidating its presence.

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