BALTMAN Tailors’s Studio

BALTMAN Tailors’s Studio

📅17 Marzo 2014, 09:40

Baltman, the leading brand of Baltika Group, offers stylish men a new home for good taste.

The first two addresses featuring the Baltman network’s new shop concept are located in Tallinn, Estonia and Vilnius, Lithuania.

Conceived as a modern tailor’s studio, they stand for custom-tailored clothing and strong, personal service. Designed by dan pearlman, the Tailor’s Studio looks like a typical workshop and appeals to the tastes of male customers with its use of masculine industrial elements, workshop parquet flooring, an oversized table modelled on a tailor’s workplace and walls covered with sewing patterns.
dan pearlmanIn the Baltman Unique specialty zone, men easily find the perfect business outfit since as customers they can take advantage of expert consultation for individually tailored suits. Here, leather furniture and a spacious changing room communicate exclusivity and special comfort.


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