EMODA fast fashion, Tokyo

, a fast fashion brand that rose to claim deeply rooted popularity from origins in the trendy Shibuya quarter of Tokyo, in recent years has been opening stores in domestic Japanese shopping centers as well.

In such mall venues, EMODA operates outlets on the standard of 200 square meters of floor area.

EMODA fashion TokyoWithin this, generous use of colored glass and mirrors is made as the key materials in the spatial design.

Inside such merchandise outlets the brand’s customers are free to wander up and down the floors to find and select products that appeal to them.

The flow of people around the premises is picturesque to the point of conjuring up images of choreographed dancing.

Emoda-Tokyo-Noriyuki-OtsukaThe colored glass and mirrors, attached to walls in barcode-like configurations, reflect this stop-and-go movement in dynamic images of bustling change and activity.

The lustrously seamless floors expand throughout the stores on the strength of equally originally developed materials.

Emoda-Tokyo-Noriyuki-OtsukaWhile fast fashion normally grabs equally instant attention for the low unit prices of the goods and the vogue that they generate, EMODA brand planning vision encompasses plans to draw notice to the retail design domain as well.

Location Shibuya, Tokyo Japan
Area 200 sqm


Moriyuki Ochiai, born in Tokyo, Japan, in 1973, is an architect and designer.
In 2008, he established his own studio, Moriyuki Ochiai Architects that is active in architectural, interior, furniture, landscape and industrial design.
The sources of his inspirations come from being captivated by the vivacious and lively beauty of nature or life. He also feel the influence coming from the delicate sensitivity responding to the unique Japanese nature, which can be found in Japanese temples and gardens.

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