Linea Flooring redesigns anti-slip glass.

Linea Flooring redesigns anti-slip glass.

📅09 Marzo 2014, 02:11

Simplicity, sophistication and anti-slip efficiency are the defining characteristics of Linea Flooring, the new Madras® model developed specifically for walking surfaces that can be enhanced by linear patterns, such as steps and backlit or hanging walkways.

Unlike artisan techniques such as milling, ceramic silk-screening and sanding that make glass anti-slip but without any guarantee of its efficacy and of rather limited duration, Madras® Flooring is made with an exclusive etching process specially developed to provide a material of proven efficacy and long-term durability.
Linea Flooring Madras Vitrealspecchi

The anti-slip properties of Madras® Linea Flooring are certified to the main international standards: BCR, DIN 51130 (R11), ASTM C1028. The sole raw material is float glass, clear or extra-clear, produced to UNI EN 572-1,2: 2004. It therefore supports all the mechanical and heat processes used on glass.

Madras® Linea Flooring is made in 8 and 10 mm thick standard size plates (2250 x 3210 mm) and is available from all quality glass dealers, where it can be cut to size, ground, strengthened and laminated to transform it into steps and flooring and roofing modules.


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