PROGETTO LUCE: The light that enhances

PROGETTO LUCE: The light that enhances

📅06 Marzo 2014, 15:01

Progetto Luce, the Italian Company in Pomaro Monferrato based, with over twenty years of activity and experience in lighting industry.

The enhancement, besides the design of the products, comes from the type of LEDs used, specific for each sector and for each need and from their technology. All of the products, both the customized and the standard ones, are tested by a technical department and are designed and manufactured in Italy. The ability to customize and realize design products in collaboration with professionals, architects and designers have brought the company over the years to have a very diversified product catalog.

In recent years, Progetto-Luce has developed new technologies that enable the best use and sale in areas not served until now with specific products such as jewelleries, museums, sacred art and high fashion.

Among the news, the fresh version of the lighting system RotorLed, more sophisticated model than the previous year, with invisible rotation and remote control. RotorLed thanks to its perfect blend of lights -led to the composition of hot and cold- the ability to maximize the colors of jewels or fashion garments. RotorLed does not heat the objects and has very low power consumption: 46 watts in fact, produces light for almost 400 watt.

progetto luce the light that enhances
ROTOR LED – Led recessed fixture with rotating head d.18. Metal /aluminum laser cutting. Dedicated electronic circuit
STROBOLED is provided with a keyboard useful to modify the strobe speed and, consequently, the glittering effect. The strobe effect is studied in order of avoiding evident variations of brightness on the display surface.
POL LED- Aluminum fixture, Anodized aluminum finish, Rotatable in the horizontal plane and vertical, Pole height adjustable at will to make better use of products, Suitable to create accents and enhance the products on display
TOWER CUBE – Bollard LED high efficiency brass profile. Suitable for shop windows and display cases of small sizes
progetto luce the light that enhances
TOWER LED – Bollard LED high performance brass profile. Suitable to create accents and enhance the products on display

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