SURPLUS concept store, Rome.

Unconventional clothing store even though dedicated to women apparel.

A concept store that sees among other things, an interactive dynamic between buyer and seller, all centered on communicative emotionalism scattering from multiple sensory and visual stimuli.

Surplus concept store Roma by Angelo Luigi TartagliaDespite the collective imagination about characteristics, here there is a mix of references ironic and stimulating for the imagination of the buyer.

The curiosity of a place, which impact does not show the usual image of the store, passing the door to enter and wander in space to discover the real identity will not be revealed until the end but at the same time stimulated the purchase. Merger not only merchandise but also cultural and Surplus concept store Roma by Angelo Luigi Tartagliasubtly pimp that leaves more accustomed to broad interpretation.

Crossing the threshold input space looks open and not overly defined in order to give the user the possibility of moving towards what is most striking impact their imagination and senses. Many of the display elements are designed to be re-used and, therefore, any display is made with poor materials but ennobled by color or simple finishes as fir wood left crude and painted with a brush.

Surplus concept store Roma by Angelo Luigi TartagliaThe wine is exposed in large rubber tires painted white, in addition to these biological food are placed on thin metal plates embedded in a wooden frame, as well as other commodity items, shoes, bags, vases, belts, are displayed on other racks, in galvanized metal sheet. The case is a monolith in white Corian illuminated with a composition of skulls behind the glitterati who lose that sense of macabre becoming a cult object.

Surplus concept store Roma by Angelo Luigi TartagliaCustom motorcycles, helmets, sneakers used and painted white on a huge American flag whose stars are made of strings of the same, help to create the image of the ground floor where the undisputed protagonist is writing a huge surplus of funds made from bottles plastic backlit. A metal cage as a metaphor, speakers boxes for the DJ and bioethanol fireplaces complete this level of the store.

A staircase, suspended by rigid steel rods, leads to the upper floor, which bears the inscription Surplus concept store Roma by Angelo Luigi Tartagliastrongly surplus to huge wooden letters. Exhausting emphasized the name of the sales point and the containers are used as a warehouse. The apparel and accessories are placed on the exhibitors of raw steel and wood (still unfinished) painted white and glass; this material is made with a slab of connection between the ladder and the ground floor.

On it there is a wall, covered with helmets combined with the colors of four national flags: Italy, Germany, Spain, France. The dressing area is an example of another allegorical representation of the metaphor of sin. Two dressing made with an old Umbro Franciscan confessional, black painted, stands on a wall with large polychrome images of snakes, while the windows of the confessional shows two images of iconic medieval Flemish Adam and Eve.

In this Era of absolute synthesis, consisting of the contrast between the white is black tiles of the floor, accentuated even more by the symbolism of the context. Sideways the confessional there is a vertical garden made on the retaining wall of the terrace, outdoor used in hot weather for shows and events.


Born in Campobasso, Italy, graduated in Architecture and Interior Design at the University of Florence in 1979, freelancer since 1980. For many years engaged in innovative ways, attentive to the dynamics of changement, he gained his professional experience both in Italy and abroad. Since the recent crisis of Architecture his projects has moved towards a conceptual language, with various inspirational origins, always according to every customer need or technicals. Maintaining high freedom of thought and drawing, its inspiration from the study of famous figures of the past, of every epoch, demonstrated by his works as refined compositional processing. Specializing in Interior Architectures taught at the Faculty of Architecture “Valle Giulia” in Rome. Involved in publishing books and magazines worldwide. Collaborating with different firms and winner of several national competitions.
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Photos courtesy Gianni Franchellucci