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Pablo Limón Design Office has designed the new studio – shop of innovative jeweler Andrés Gallardo in Madrid.

The heart of the project is to highlight ANDRESGALLARDO’s jewelry within the space. The entire space was conceived with this in mind. A set of modular shelves and drawers made of different materials, such as Carrara marble and beechwood, help create the area where the jewelry is displayed.


The pieces are held in place by custom-made iron fittings that blend in with the wall.  They allow the shelves to be changed easily for new seasons in which different material is needed to feature the new jewelry.  The shelves are lit with ceramic lamps designed ad hoc with the same intention of emphasizing the product and blending in with the setting.


Two symmetrical beechwood tables with different drawers and a mirror with inlay made of various types of wood were also designed, using a very simple design language to decorate the space with the other vintage furniture pieces custom-selected for the store, such as the hexagonal display cabinet that replicates the shape of the interior courtyard where the studio-shop is located.


The design was completed with a sculpture by artist Kiko Pérez that was created exclusively for the new studio-shop with a formalistic approach in connection with the ANDRESGALLARDO pieces and the interior design by Pablo Limón Design Office.


Pablo Limón Design Office (PLDO)
Established in 2013, Pablo Limón Design Office is based out of Madrid and Mexico City. It offers
designs that, rather than respond to trends or fashion, focuses on functionality, analysis, materials, visual values and sustainability. The office works internationally collaborating with professionals and brands in variety of markets, including England, Spain, Italy, Mexico, and the United States, among others.

Key People – Pablo Limón also works with architects, industrial designers, engineers and his partner Miguel Lasso.

Approach – All projects derive from an analysis of human behavior, interpreting it through a language of very personal design and obtaining visually iconic pieces and environments as a result.

Research & development – The office also works on research and development projects focusing on the study of construction, methodologies and materials. In conjunction with our production partners, we provide services and develop products that reach new levels of innovation and offer the market advanced solutions at the right price.

Design Services – PLDO offers design in the fields of lighting, product, furniture, accessories, installations and interiors. It also offers and adapts its own products, furniture, lighting and accessories for interior architects and professionals for special projects and installations.

Pablo Limón – Born in Madrid in 1985, Pablo Limón has lived in Milan, Madrid, London and Mexico City. Pablo studied Design at IED in Milan and in 2006, in this same city, he began working at the branding studio, Piter, which is where he first came into contact with industrial design. In 2009 he moved to London where he worked for Phillipe Malouin, Universal Design Studio and Post Office London. Since 2012 he has been responsible for Art Direction on industrial design projects at Savvy Studio. Pablo has also worked independently over the course these years and in 2013 he opened his design office in Madrid.

Photos courtesy  Raúl Córdoba

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