MENHARD STORE in Sibiu – designed by Glamshops Studio.

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Glamshops Studio developped a new concept for Menhard Store considering lights, sound, smell, comfort.

Glamshops Studio developped a new concept for Menhard Store

This is a spectacular vintage interior design that exudes elegance and style with massive wood furniture, wooden walls and some industrial touches meant to create the transition between the store interior and the factory-manufacturing process.


The left part is lady section with famous ” Cowboysbelts ” lady bags, leather accessories and Menhard belts, while on the right part of the store a more masculine design has been infused. This part contains tougher industrial touches as it shelters the men`s corner for bags, belts and accessories.

The double sided cash desk is used as nowhere else in the world: here you can customize belts inside the store and actually create your own belt or command a custom permanent drawing on the belt, take note the drawing will be hand drawn by a tattoo artist.


The massive wood presence on the wall has been enhanced by antique tools like rusty scissors and knives that are meant to resemble the design process of a manufactured leather item. Lighting enhances the vintage look further on through incandescent lighting 2700k that warms the interior and accentuates the wooden texture and flowers.

design Glamshops
location Sibiu Romania
photos courtesy Glamshops
by AN shopfitting magazine ©