RE:SONO Hair Salon, Shinagawa-ku Gotanda, Tokyo.

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Re:SONO Once a week – The main concept is a hair salon that you can go to once a week.

Kentaro Yamazaki and Masaaki Ueno designed RE:SONO Hair Salon

It goes without saying that a clear concept is important in the hair salon industry which has intense competition.

The unique part of this shop is not to appeal through the design or the range of services, but to focus on the concept of the space as somewhere where you can be a part of the community.

Kentaro Yamazaki and Masaaki Ueno designed RE:SONO Hair Salon

In the landscape of cities of the past, the feeling was that Sentos and barbar shops were local oases, this was the aim of this shop.
The interior was designed in a way that seems as if the finished interior was stripped away and laid bare. “Familiarity” rather than “newness”, “casual” rather than “ceremonial”, ”foundations” rather than “the finishing”. With this in mind, the designers find the materials for this interior.

In the area where hair styles are set, reinforcing bars were used to create a lattice work within which were placed plants that are suggestive of hair styles such as curly hair, afros or a beautiful lady of nobility. When viewed from the street, passersby can feel the openness of the atmosphere such as that of a 3D image of a park.


Designer Kentaro Yamazaki + Masaaki Ueno

Graphic Design Takehiro Kawase (musubime™)
Location Shinagawa-ku Gotanda, Tokyo
Area 75,65 sqm
Photos courtesy Nahoko Koide

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