Checkland Kindleysides created a new retail concept for Nixon

U.K. based Checkland Kindleysides recently created a new retail concept for watch and accessories brand Nixon’s first store in Europe. The new store is located on Rue Froissart in the fashionable Marais district of Paris.

For the new retail concept, Checkland Kindleysides created an architectural horizon line, which became the canvas for the Nixon story, allowing the design team to showcase Nixon’s perspective and product in a bold, distinct way.

Checkland Kindleysides created a new concept store for Nixon

A subtle nod to the diverse environments of surfing, snowboarding and skateboarding, in the store concept this becomes an architectural design statement, rather than a literal interpretation. Through the use of photography and film, the relevance of the datum line becomes more obvious; especially in the execution of the “tide” movie and other films featuring Nixon ambassadors. The films play on the large LED video-wall at the back of the store, providing a backdrop to the watches, and a sense of the energy behind the brand.

Checkland Kindleysides created a new retail concept for Nixon

The Nixon store is a story of immersion, a subtle reference to the ocean rhythm and flow, but this also relates to product immersion.

This is reflected in the merchandising, where the design team created an artful watch presentation.Watches are displayed rhythmically on undulating plinths, partly immersed below the surface of an under-lit aqua blue tank; they punch through the glass top, appearing to float on the surface.

Checkland Kindleysides recently created a new retail concept

The store is divided into two distinct spaces, the front of the store with the main watch displays, which is linked to the customization area at the back of the store by a transitional space displaying soft goods. At the back of the store the customization area appears to have been dropped into the space like a wooden packing case. Constructed from plywood panels and punched steel pegboard, it has a temporary workshop aesthetic and also provides a material reference to skate and street culture.

Checkland Kindleysides

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