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The project for the interiors of the restaurant BIS in Milan involved the architectural Studio Nomade.

Bis Panzerotti Restaurant by Studio Nomade

The idea comes from the desire to evoke the typical interior of the Pugliese farms: the niches in plaster, majolica tiles, stone cutting on the floors. The colors evoke the Mediterranean lands. 
The furniture, specially designed for the restaurant, echo the rural character of the farms, iron and raw wood. Particular attention has been given to the lighting, lamps that illuminate differently every corner.

Bis Panzerotti Restaurant by Studio Nomade

Project Nomade Architettura
Photos courtesy Gregory Abbate
by AN shopfitting magazine ©

Nomade Architettura e Interior Design was created in August 2010 in Milan. Nomade as architecture in motion (nomad), with a strong component of exploring desire, and the target to fix some fundamental cores around the world. At the same time no-made, as not-done YET, as the strong will of Nomade to explore all the infinite possibilities of today’s living. Nomade Architettura e Interior Design is part of an International network of architectural Practices, that have joined to go beyond boundaries. The Interior Design cooperates with Offices in London (UK), Melbourne (Australia), Dubai, Singapore, Bangalore (India), Cape Town (South Africa)