DESIGN 3.0 – The furnishings hi-tech era begins.

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With the app Augmented Furniture manufacturers enter the homes of consumers with their virtual  furniture.

Design 3.0 Augmented Furniture

That red sofa for two people will look good in my living room? I prefer it in black? To answer these and many other questions comes the new App AF (Augmented Furniture), which allows end-users to see in three dimensions furnishings and furniture placed in your own room (or store).

The app was developed by Realmore ™, the business unit of Equent  Media Group which already has a strong experience in augmented reality solutions in 3D, which began in 2009 when very few companies were developing this kind of technology. Since then Equent has invested in Realmore over 200.000 euro.

With the App AF augmented reality becomes something useful and not just wow-effect. Realmore has in fact proposed to enphasize the furniture “made in Italy”, very impor tant and appreciated internationally in the world of design, offering to the companies that join the AF the possibility to expand the geography of its business.

AF has bee designed as a platform where manufacturers can upload indipendently their furniture and furnishings models (but also design elements), which, thanks to the AR technology, will cross national borders, allowing end users anywhere in the world, not only to learn about the production, but also to evaluate it in their own home.

Design 3.0 Augmented Furniture

How to use the App AF ?
The use of AF is ver y simple and allows you to choose and evaluate new furniture models in your environment and see them exactly where you’ll want to put in your room, analyzing it also from any angles thanks to 3D.

AF can be downloaded free from the App store, and is specially designed for use with the iPad and a special printed marker. With filters that allow to select products by type, company, designer or room you can choose a piece of furni- ture and, framing the area of the room in which you would like to see it, you can see it renderized in real time.

You can choose to see it with a different color or with the preferred texture, and thanks to three-dimensionality, you can view it in real dimensions from multiple angles. If the placement does not convince you can frame in a different location.

Once you have found the preferred solution you can take a photo of the scene and share it on social networks to ask suggestions from friends. Finally you may purchase the furniture directly from the company.

So this is a simple operation, which allows you to save time, without having to restrict choice, sure to make a purchasing decision, no surprises from wrong sizes or from color or design that don’t harmonize with the rest of the furniture.

The young couple who has to fully furnish the house can also decide the best location of the furniture without having to laboriously move it several times.

The App AF as a bridge between consumers and “Made in Italy”.

Design 3.0 Augmented Furniture

The App AF arises therefore as a bridge between the consumers and the manufacturers, in par ticular made in Italy. For these companies we have studied different packages – says Federico Guidi the Managing Director of Equent –  which correspond to the needs of companies of furniture and furnishings and designers to show their proposals.Thanks to the App AF , they will reach potential customers anywhere in the world and at any time, and they will assess the real interest of the public in their products, with the possibility, if necessar y, to study new solutions.

At the moment two packages of four are already running: the Free package that allows companies to test up to 3 models, and the Basic package (payable) that allows up to 50 models and gives back consumers data. Soon there will be available two more subscriptions: the Advanced one with possibility of issuing vouchers and promotional codes and the package for retailers, which will not allow to load furniture but only to links to manufacturing companies.

To upload the furniture models on the platform for the companies is only required to comply with the guidelines: the images must have a high visual quality in 3D.

In case they cannot reach the visual quality they can request the paid 3D modelling service to Realmore ™. The business model has been specifically designed to allow a real increase in sales, to fully meet the end users and businesses.


Realmore™ is the business unit at Equent Media Group hat specializes in the implementation of projects and 3D contents with Augmented Reality. Realmore™ develops a new generation of Augmented Reality solutions (configurators and product displays) for furniture, industr y, retail and e-commerce, tourism, free time and marketing. Realmore™ makes it possible experiences of social shopping from home, in-store or in motion, through smar tphone applications (iPhone, iPad, Android) and web. Realmore™ it’s a Equent Media Group brand.

Equent Media Group is an international fast-growing company, active in the field of media innovation and multi-channel communication. Our team consists of professionals and creatives of various nationalities, to ensure a multicultural approach to our projects. Equent Media Group is present with its headquarters in Milan, London and Barcelona. Since 2009 Equent Media Group has implemented several projects Augmented Reality, offering innovative solutions for forward-thinking customers such as UPS,Tenaris, Nestlè, Catalana Occidente, Hello Kitty,TCC Global, Catellani&Smith, Beni Stabili, Trentino Sviluppo, Medtronic, Multiprint Italia, Leighton Holding Hong Kong.

Augmented Furniture ™ and Realmore ™ are brands of Equent Media Group

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