Horizon is a young technology firm coming from different disciplines applied to light, mainly focused to LED.

The Company founded in 2011 in Casale Monferrato (Alessandria, Italy), joined forces with firms operating in the field of mechanical design and in partnership with professionals from mechanical and electronic precision sectors.

In March 2012, Horizon became independent, moving to a new headquarter for new departments devoted to design, to production department for electronics and mechanical assembly. Acquiring technical specialists in the field of lighting and production, the Company ranks, now, between producers industry leading lighting with LED. The first catalogue, released in early 2012, includes about 70 items, for indoor and outdoor recessed apparels, walkables, driveways steplights, projectors, bars, etc. making great success.

The new 2015 catalogue includes more than 200 articles, in which many lines of products have been developed and others have been introduced in accordance with market demands. The production uses the most sophisticated technologies, which allow to have complete control from design to assemblage of electronic and lighting fixtures, with products extremely cared, in a wide range of characteristics as materials, finishes, power, temperature and colour of light. The product range from architectural to professional use, as spots for systematic immersion IP68, anticorodal anodized aluminium and stainless steel AISI 316L, in a wide choice of finishings: satin, polished, brushed or powder painted, in addition to artisanal details. Horizon cooperates with professionals involved in the sector and suggests pre-post sale services.

ETA – This spotlight is indoor and outdoor range, thanks to its high protection level to atmospheric agents and foot traffic. Studied for flooring installation but suitable for recessed wall or ceiling also, free  integrated optic or anti-glare lense, with tempered glass protection. Aluminium, stainless steel or hybrid it grants a wide choice of finishings and eco-saving.
WHITE IN THE BOX – Lighting system for shop windows. It allows a dynamic light changing from warm white tone (2900°K) to cold white tone (5500°K). Switching a button, in a 30 steps, it is possible to change the tension of the light according to the displaying goods. The lamp has been obtained from aluminium, anodized or glazed, and equipped by a plug&play electrical box, granting a rapid installation on any kind of shop window.
ALFA – Indoor recessed luminaires, ceiling, wall or flooring mounted, minimal shape useful in every context. The optics hide the lighting sources and move to the background the object for an emotional lighting space.

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