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Romeow Cat Bistrot concept comes from Japanese Neko Cafè and European Cat Cafè, and arrives in Rome becoming something more: a bistro, with sophisticated vegan and raw cuisine and pastry, open from breakfast to after-dinner, where 6 cats live in.

ROMEOW Cat Bistrot Concept by Tommaso Guerra designer

Very specific worlds to be related in one only location: this was the challenge for the designer Tommaso Guerra. He proposes the house like key concept: a very strong personality space, able to tell about people living in, naturally welcoming, definitively inclusive not exclusive. During the planning, this issue has been transformed into large and communicating spaces, with some protected and some inaccessible corners, dedicated to cats.

From the large windows, that light up the main room, you can see the tables, the chairs, the piano, some pillows and wall decorations: they immediately give very familiar and comfortable feeling, more like the cosy dining room of a house than a restaurant. Walls with rigorous colors, almost classic, contrast with the saturated hues of furnishings, light sources and frameworks; lots of color and wood, create a general perception of vitality and originality, combined with sobriety, accuracy and cleanliness, that are necessary in a place serving food in the presence of animals. Except for the kitchen and cold cooking lab, that are strictly forbidden to animals, the 6 cats can go everywhere in the bistro.

ROMEOW Cat Bistrot Concept by Tommaso Guerra designer

We know they like to have fun with objects not intended for them: so the designer chooses to integrate gaming and life spaces for cats with the ones experienced by people, like in any home. So cats can reach any corner of the bistro, through suggestive hanging passages, made with bookshelves and drawers, that become rest stations: they can also climb a 4 mt high tree.

From the end of the main room, customers can access to the loft with a wooden stairway: that’s a lounge area with a high ceiling, where enjoy smoothies and drinks; there’s also a low ceiling area, suitable for cat. This’s an additional space, where the cats can have privacy, even if they’re close to people: it’s a very well-finished sitting area, with velvet chair, pillows and cases.

ROMEOW Cat Bistrot Concept by Tommaso Guerra designer

Tommaso Guerra continues his interior design research with Romeow Cat Bistrot: according with his creative journey, he proposes a quite personal interpretation in spaces and furnitures: his design choices can create deep experience of places and communicate precise personality.

Interior designer Tommaso Guerra
Photos courtesy Francesco Demichelis
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