VODAFONE pop-up-store. Expo 2015: Milan the perfect place.

The choice of location with the time are the most important elements for visibility and success of a pop up store.

Milan Expo 2015 represents the period and the perfect place to make a pop up store visible and visited. The event, in fact, attracts visitors both “business” and professionals, curious and tourists, therefore the target consumer. In a unique place and moment so you can reach the international target. Expo 2015, far from Rho, represents an event “de-localized” and diffused involving whole Milan and not only; it offers to those wishing to start with a pop up store, on this occasion, the advantages to find location, far from the usual ways, or economic expensive, a wide dispersion and spread on the period of events and activities, which might confuse or against many opportunities the pop up store can be miss out.

The German philosopher Hegel said that “in the black night all cows are black”, that is not seen. Then, Seth Godin, the theorist of viral marketing invites to create products, events, brands like “purple cow” in order to be original and to be mentioned. A pop up store, during the Expo period, must be noticed for its originality and contents, it must be “experiential”; better than if, in addition to present their products, services, brand, offers something for “business” or “consumer” people and for Milanese people, that in residents and “commuters”, are a considerable number.

Vodafone pop up store

Case history: the new Vodafone store experience at La Darsena Milan
On May, Vodafone launched the new “experience store” to present some innovative technological solutions for leisure, music, home, office. In store and wifi it is enhanced and there is an area to recharge smartphones and tablets accessible to visitors and tourists.

Vodafone pop up storeThe store is made with environmentally friendly materials and the structure that surrounds it, is a striking light installation inspired by the reeds, natural element of the banks of canals. The visual impact is strong and original. Outside the area dedicated is recognizable, but not invasive of the Vodafone logo and colors.

The Vodafone pop up La Darsena is a place of events, it will host initiatives inserted in the schedule of Expo City, the project by the City of Milan and the Milan Chamber of Commerce, of which Vodafone is supporter and main partner. The realization of events within a pop up store duration is the best way to bring to life to the temporary space, attracting new visitors and generating a positive “pass the word”, determiner of “viral marketing”. The events give visibility and allow to build loyalty, repeat visits with the target.

Where: Milan, La Darsena, Navigli
When: starting from May, 12
Structure: Building outdoor and store enveloped by rushes installation
Strength points:
– Ensemble of eco-friendly materials, concept inspired by nature and technology
– Events and free services: wifi reinforced, recharge area for smartphones and tablets
-The choice of the location and the structure

Francesca Zorzetto
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