When it comes to inspiring people in a lasting way ad campaigns no longer suffice.

Today more than ever, substance, personal relevance and extraordinary experiences are king. Shopping is not about consumption but about connoisseurship.

Experiences that inspire are currently being put into practice at the concept shopping mall BIKINI BERLIN. Since the start of the year, dan pearlman has been the lead agency for the entire brand experience. As part of its approach, tenants have been involved in developing the overall brand strategy.

BIKINI BERLIN, Dan Pearlman is Lead Agency  for the Concept Shopping Mall's Brand Concept

The aim is to increase shopper awareness, frequency and conversions into revenue for tenants. With the promise of establishing BIKINI BERLIN as the ‘Host of Creativity’, several thematic categories and other factors were set in place and are now synchronized successively across all channels.

Nicole Srock Stanley now occupies two roles: she is the new communications and marketing director of BIKINI BERLIN in addition to her duties as managing director of dan pearlman, where everything is developed in-house.

In giving BIKINI BERLIN a new start, the dan pearlman team completely revamped its visual language and communications content. All concepts follow the central theme of curated shopping.

With the Spring Festival this year, held during Gallery Weekend in May, ‘art’ was the first of five core themes (also music, film, food, fashion). The web presentation on blogs, Facebook, Twitter & Instagram naturally tied into this.

With ‘fashion’ as the core theme for Berlin Fashion Week, held from 6-10 July, BIKINI BERLIN’s profile as a concept shopping mall was further honed and established – locally and in the experiences of visitors..