GARRÓS PHARMACY “a bond, pills and 24 hours of action”

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The Garrós Pharmacy in Lleida, in the West of Catalonia in Spain, wanted to reinvigorate itself without major construction works and without closing its doors to customers.

Garros Pharmacy LLEIDA

The 24 hour pharmacy appointed Madrid-based agency Marketing Jazz to create a format that would meet its needs.

garros pharmacy by marketing jazz

A new façade and windows introduce a ribbon motif, representing good health, that is continued through the store interior. Neon signs ensure the pharmacy stands out in its environment. Inside, the redesign allows more efficient use of space.

Pill-shaped units are used to display products. These create a direct link to the purpose of the products as well as providing a distinctive merchandising opportunity. Marketing Jazz created new packaging for the pharmacy as part of the project

garros pharmacy by marketing jazz

MARKETING-JAZZ is the Spanish leading firm in visual marketing. Created in 2002 by Carlos Aires focuses in creating new retail concepts to increase sales. Offers an integrated and creative design. Branding and communication. Training and providing specialized expertise in visual merchandising.

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