Dunnu concept store by Area-17

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Area-17 has been invited to re-define the retail image for Dunnu, a trend setter women’s Chinese fashion brand.

DUNNU concept store Area 17

In order to develop Dunnu’s stores’ new image, Area-17 worked on the Dunnu’s woman personality, aiming to highlight her opposite features: on the one hand, Dunnu’s woman is romantic, pensive, a dreamer; on the other, she is mature, fulfilled and determinate.

Area-17 worked on these two opposites, the “strong” and the “sweet” side, and took them into the store interiors in both shapes and materials.

area 17 DUNNU concept store

The overall space is determined by consecutive curved walls, concave and convex, which create an indeterminate boundary inside the boutique. Vertical light cuts divide each wall, and randomly the walls open to disclose a geometric wooden pattern.

Smooth stucco finishings and soft carpets play in contrast with stone flooring, shiny brasses and wooden decorations. A cubic mirrored element with sharp and imposing geometry, but of undetermined presence, marks the entrance of the fitting rooms.

area 17 DUNNU concept store

Vertical deconstructed panels rich in materials and reflections divide the space of the store. A welcoming seating area has been designed surrounded by wooden striped panels, and enriched by a cascade of sharp matte and shiny vertical elements.

The 600 sqm store offers an overall warm and welcoming environment, in which the opposites that created it are perfectly balanced.

area 17 DUNNU concept store

Area 17, also called Brodmann Area 17 or Visual Cortex, is the area of the brain that collects nerve impulses from the eyes. The space around us is a sum of electric charges: Area 17 transforms those impulses into images and allows the brain to feel, explore and react to the surrounding world. Area 17 is the core of human being visual experience. Sharing the same cultural background developed in the University of Florence and a deep friendship started during the studies, Area-17 partners joined to create an international design studio.

Area-17 partners have been working in Asia since 2005 and, after the Beijing office, the growing appreciation for the Italian design has led to the opening of Shanghai and Hong Kong offices, placing Area-17 in the core of contemporary China growth. During the last 10 years, Area-17 realized projects all around Europe and Asia, and cooperated with internationally renowned brands such as Officine Panerai, Jacob Cohen, Coop Group, Sixty Group, Sisley, Breil, Nomination, Geox, Mark Fairwhale, Daphne, Novo, Sino Group, Huayuan Group and many others.

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