RIDOLA Coffee, Matera – Italy.

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In the heart of the European Capital of Culture 2019, the young local architectural Studio Manca has designed a new meeting and cultural space.

Matera represents a town with a complex history, which found its rich culture rich in tradition. “Tradition”, not by chance, is the key word for the design starting from a research on the ancient arts and crafts of Basilicata can focus the need of the customer.

architectural Studio Manca interior design Caffe RIDOLA Matera

Located in the heart of Matera, the Ridola Coffee is a small and cozy establishment whose perception has been expanded with the help of a reflective glass on one of the shortest perimeteral wall. The solution has two screens that disguise, with their immaterial presence and projection of images no stop, and give a lively atmosphere, dynamic and quite contemporary at the club.

The project is characterized by the treatment of  the walls which reinterprete the message conveyed by tradition; large rosettes, obtained from engraving plates in iron, recall the working of lace and tuff and thanks to a double wooden skin become containers and displays for hand made products on sale.

architectural Studio Manca interior design Caffe RIDOLA Matera

The atmosphere is warm and welcoming thanks to the use of light oak wood, used for flooring, for covering the counter and the tables, featured by a sequence of large contemporary lanterns. Two materials, metal and wood to emphasize the original tuff structure clearly visible in the vault and emerging laying around on the walls.

And one of the architects affirms: “The Ridola Coffee, from my pont of view, is a meeting place for intellectuals, a cultural meeting place. There is a principle combining people in this place and coincide with the concept of quiet and slow life. The guests have time to reflect on the tastes, not only food but also images, sounds and words. This is the concept that is the basis of the philosophy of the place.”

architectural Studio Manca interior design Caffe RIDOLA Matera

Marina Manca (Bari 1976), Alfredo Manca (Bari 1974) graduated in architecture in 2004 at the University of Naples Federico II,  wher, in the same year, working with the department of urban planning and environment. Since 2006, after an internship in the office of the architect Mauro Saito, start freelance with own studio in Matera, devoting himself to create or restructuring new shops, public buildings and private residences.

Some of their projects have been published in national and international magazines, highlighting the activities integrating philological recovery of the past and craftsmanship with the use of advanced digital technologies and innovating materials.

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Photos courtesy Pierangelo Laterza