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Architects Silvia Simionato & Marina Calcinoni have transformed an old-fashioned bar in a room full of life, sparkling.

The Venetian “the Parliament” is the meeting place for young people of Cannaregio and the IUAV university.

Architects Silvia Simionato & Marina Calcinoni – Interior design Bar al Parlamento Venice

Parliament is an informal premise, open from early morning to late at night, attracting many foreigners both for interiors and manners. It is a small example of renewal in a city that for many is synonymous with immobility.
The “Bacareto” has kept the famous Venetian cicchetti (croutons and aperitif snacks), but the setting is completely different.

Architects Silvia Simionato & Marina Calcinoni – Interior design Bar al Parlamento Venice

The existing space, the ground floor in front of the foundation, has taken on a seafaring.
The book is designed to be tops in hemp (those used in steamboats) whose whiteness stands out against the dark background.

At first glance it seems to enter in a bridge of a ship with ropes hanging from the ceiling and walls. The project is based on a play of light and shadow, of which Venice is the undisputed master.

Architects Silvia Simionato & Marina Calcinoni – Interior design Bar al Parlamento Venice

The atmosphere changes depending on the light, which in turn, adapted to different needs: in the morning for breakfast creates a warm, afternoon and evening is gradually muted to become soft for Dj Set.
Inside the dark container, stand the square tables with wooden chairs and reading light plastic dark color to highlight the diversity of their use.

The space is flexible in order to be processed at least four times during the day. The furnishing system, except the chairs and lamps were custom made. The long bar counter is the static element of the project, but everything revolves around it.

An apparent contradiction, but here the contrasts are homely: young people, but specialties, contemporary furnishings but setting of local inspiration. A “green formula” as  recognition to Venice.
Margherita Toffolon

Both graduated at IUAV for years they realize projects for interior and collaborate with firms in contract HORECA and in retail qualified. All stages are followed: from the meeting with the customer, the project broadly, up to the final executive.

Develop drawings of furnishings and follow the yard as Artistic Directors. The projects have been considered by critics ultra sophisticated architecture especially with regard to the sensory perception, the materials, the lighting, the use of colors and surfaces.

These issues appear to be closely related to other forms of artistic expression, such as art, and the communication that exists between design and interior architecture. They have also developed design and building experience in Italy and abroad.

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