Butani Jewellery Boutique Peninsula Hotel, Hong Kong

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The long, narrow layout is made by Stefano Tordiglione Design’s expertise in creating the ideal space for the jewellery brand to display their splendid pieces.

Stefano Tordiglione Design’s expertise in creating the ideal space for the jewellery

A façade of windows presents display vitrines for jewels on either side of the entrance. These display cases continue inside, along the theme of the store’s treasures – diamonds.

Subtly octagonal shaped on the exterior, inside they have a stronger precious stone accent and, outlined in walnut wood and a sophisticated champagne-coloured metal, are set against a stylish and bleached oak-panelled wall.

Stefano Tordiglione Design’s expertise in creating the ideal space for the jewellery

Lighting plays an important role not only to highlight the incredible jewellery pieces, but also illuminating the cases from behind so that they appear to float in the air.

The design is the perfect mix of tradition and modernity, reflecting the brand itself – a family-owned business that has been purveying contemporary and exquisite jewellery pieces for generations.

Immediately from its exterior, the boutique evokes a feeling of splendour and refinement. A rich Calacatta marble marks the design of the façade.

The display table topped with marble stands gracefully on a curved arch in glossy white finish. This feature smartly streamlined the façade while the accents of wood adds warmth.

To the right of the store a curved wall lined in leather disguises the back office and breaks up an otherwise standard rectangular space. The service area featuring leather-covered tables takes reference from the display cases – their cut off corners making them recurrent in diamond shape.

To the left behind one of the service areas there is a logo wall which repeats Butani’s logo in a pattern to emphasize the family-orientated nature of the business.

Stefano Tordiglione Design’s expertise in creating the ideal space for the jewellery

The overall feeling at the jewellery boutique is one of neutrality – warm woods, light marble and a focus on the display cases make the jewels stand out.

While the emphasis is placed on showcasing opportunities, the design nevertheless succeeds in demonstrating elegance, luxury and sophistication.

STEFANO TORDIGLIONE DESIGN LTD is an award-winning studio founded by Mr Stefano Tordiglione in Hong Kong. His art direction is characterized by East meeting West that every detail is a result of intuition and detailed research. With the ‘Mind in Italy’, Stefano strives to integrate Italian design while preserving local cultures.

Interior Design Studio Stefano Tordiglione Design Ltd
Chief Designer Stefano Tordiglione
Location Peninsula Hotel, Hong Kong
Area 30 sqm
Photos courtesy David Elliott
by AN shopfitting magazine © no.129