CERAMICHE REFIN an incredible maze of ideas and creativity: Labyrinth by Giulio Iacchetti

An incredible maze of ideas and creativity: Labyrinth by Giulio Iacchetti. 

The new porcelain tile collection created by Giulio Iacchetti for Ceramiche Refin.

ceramiche refin Labyrinth giulio iacchetti

The first time that Giulio Iacchetti has collaborated with DesignTaleStudio by Ceramiche Refin. The first  tile flooring collection ever conceived by this ‘disobedient’ Italian designer stems from a simple and peculiar geometrical insight and was developed thanks to the support offered by the most innovative tile company.

The LABYRINTH project challenges the traditional square tile, overthrows boring standardized solutions and offers versatile module-based components for bold compositions creating different patterns with endless possible arrangements.Surfaces can be altered by a slight laying change; the eye gets lost in intricate zigzag effects, mirror-like, symmetrical or orderless, conveying, as Giulio Iacchetti says, “a sense of infinite, an unlimited graphic development…”.

The ceramic tile reinvents itself, leaving behind its rigorous serialised nature and acquiring a third dimension, undermining mainstream cliché and carrying us away in a world of emotionally powerful trompe-l’oeil and modular Escher-like patterns, an artist Iacchetti is very fond of.

ceramiche refin Labyrinth giulio iacchetti

Labyrinth also recovers and enhances the purest decorating and colour-based ceramic culture, which lately has come back quite strongly (like the case of the extremely successful Frame collection by  DesignTaleStudio) and regained the well-deserved role it played in the past decades.

The Labyrinth collection is divided into two families ANGLE and MIRROR, both designed for a free use of the tile module in order to build your own personal “labyrinth”, thus creating your own unique design. Based on the work of Josef and Anni Albers, both Bauhaus exponents, the Angle family features three colour lines: Navy, Slate and Pearl, expressing a powerful multi-layered graphic concept.

ceramiche refin Labyrinth giulio iacchetti

The Mirror family is available in three different colour versions: Silver, Ash and Sand featuring a rich, deep, textile-inspired texture. These new achievements confirm the will by Ceramiche Refin and DesignTaleStudio to keep experimenting new ceramic solutions, combining industrial manufacturing with craftsman know-how, creativity with production, in order to remain unparalleled leaders in project oriented product innovation.

Watch the videos to discover the endless combinations:

About Ceramiche Refin S.P.A.
Ceramiche Refin was founded in 1962 and over the years has become a reference point for the Italian and international ceramics market. Part of the Gruppo Concorde since 1998, Refin’s mission is to produce furnishing solutions with high technological quality, image and Italian design for the ceramic tile market, particularly focusing on lightweight commercial and high level residential designs, managing the company ethically and respecting the environment. Avant-garde technology and high production capacity: Ceramiche Refin combines aesthetics and technology, creativity and tradition.

Without compromising on the use of top quality raw materials, the company has broadened its range to include products that respond to different living needs and with a more modern taste. In 2005 Refin inaugurated the creative laboratory DTS (DesignTaleStudio), an innovative and unique project, the synergy of craftsmanship and art, innovation and experimentation, to produce unique ranges for the craft ceramics market.

About Giulio Iacchetti
Giulio Iacchetti, industrial designer since 1992, designs for several brands, including Abet Laminati, Alessi, Danese, Elica, Foscarini, Globo Ceramiche, Jannelli&Volpi, Hastens, Magis, Meritalia, Moleskine, Pandora design. His distinctive characteristics include the research and definition of new object types such as the moscardino, a biodegradable multiuse piece of cutlery, designed with Matteo Ragni for Pandora design and awarded with the Golden Compass in 2001. In 2009 he was conferred with the National Prize for innovation by the President of the Italian Republic for his project Eureka Coop through which he introduced design to large-scale retail channels. In May 2009 the Milan Triennial hosted his personal exhibition “Giulio Iacchetti.

Oggetti disobbedienti” (Disobedient objects). He has consistently distinguished himself in virtue of his focus on the evolution of the relationship between craftsmanship and design and in 2012 he launched Internoitaliano, the “widespread factory” consisting of numerous artisan workshops through which he develops and produces furnishing and accessories inspired by the Italian way of creation and living. At the same time he has also nurtured personal research focused on new project themes, such as the cross, which inspired the exhibition Cruciale, held at the Diocesan Museum, Milan, in the Basilica of St. Stephen in the Round on the Celian Hill, Rome and the Castello di Lombardia, Enna. In 2014 he was awarded with another Golden Compass for his series of manhole covers Sfera, designed with Matteo Ragni for Montini.