Gruppo icat creates the first POLICE Store in Milan.

Opened in Milan, on one of the longest shopping strips of Europe, on Corso Buenos Aires.

Here, Police has decided to expose its entire world in its very first monobrand store. The architect Chiara De Luca, of the Gruppo icat, the marketing and communications agency chosen to handle the creative aspects, architectural mood and development of the interior, is leading the project. It’s an especially exciting project because it will animate all the brand’s souls, values and the wide range of products.
police milan store

The 50 sqm store intends to communicate the values of the brand by evoking the urban and industrial world to attract a young, smart and always connected public. The intuition was to represent the language and looks of the urban context of a metropolis within the typical walls of a store. The shelves, for example, are made of metal and the structures are implemented with construction pipes, while cement details are present in various areas. For the colors, the decision was radical: each color came directly from the material, without painting it. Gray, black and white are thus triumphant for a very natural and authentic effect over the entire layout.

The decision to use the functional and aesthetic codes of the “street” made it possible to create a harmonic exposition with great completeness and compactness, while preserving the creative elements of chaos found in an urban context. Actually, the store will host the entire range of Police products: sunglasses, perfumes, watches, jewelry and small leather goods. The objects will be exhibited in dedicated corners by type and the furnishings will enhance the beauty of the products. Furthermore, panels are used to group several different elements as to emphasize the lifestyles and spirits that are most representative of the brand.

A Gruppo icat la creazione del primo store PoliceToday, more than ever, – says Massimiliano Rizzi, the Customer Director of the Gruppo icat – the big brands communicate through physical and virtual space. For this reason, Police focuses on the creation of a store that can involve and excite its customers, but that will also be imprinted in our memories. The union and integration of creative and architectural expertise, which our agency is able to offer, are a one of a kind signature for the entire project.”

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