VETRINA S.P., Our competence – Your added value.

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Vetrina S.P. is a dynamic Italian company specializing in developing, manufacturing and marketing displays and shop window equipment.

The heritage of our acknowledged display manufacturing, combined to the highest quality material of Made in Italy and an accountable staff  that is able to analyse customer’s need and suggest the best solution to their requirements, represents the consistent service that has made our company one of the most well-known in the field in Italy and worldwide.


The Italian head office and manufacturing facilities based in Milan have designed and built a wide range of over 2,000 displays, particularly those made of plexiglass and integrated with elements made of metal, wood and other materials according to our customers’ requests.

Our production always relies on highly skilled personnel and  on the latest technically advanced equipment, bringing together manual ability with the precision of the most modern techniques and machines available in the marketplace.

Moreover, our large storehouse allows us to quickly fulfil orders, and the versatility of our company satisfies the demands of our customers and enables the realization of custom-design displays with great value for your money; whether we are working for a small or big setting, we will offer considerable benefits on saving production and delivery time.


Our international delivery is reasonably priced and we ship orders all over the world, striving to deliver excellent products thanks to efficient customer service.

Service, competence and versatility are the key factors of our success that allow us to maintain our distinctive reputation over the years among the most famous Italian and foreign brands that have trusted us to emphasize their added value.

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