Eggy, the innovative product by Buzzi&Buzzi designed by Stefano Dall’Osso.

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A brilliant architectural lighting idea that changes the way of life.

Eggy – the new LED-technology recessed luminaire by Buzzi & Buzzi, a leading Lombard lighting company, and designed by Stefano Dall’Osso, the brilliant designer, creator of some of the latest most original lighting solutions–is born, proving a vocation, peculiar to the company, that combines engineering and design.


A synergy that caused a real revolution in the way we think about and live light. A brilliant idea that, thanks to its egg-shaped form – inspirated by the Fibonacci sequence and the Golden ratio, allows an extremely efficient use in every kind of environment, providing a visionary project interpretation with a strong emotional effect.

Eggy is a recessed luminaire able to fully disappear, made in AirCoral®, a material created and patented by Buzzi & Buzzi: together with the typical characteristics of Coral®, it is not only environment-friendly, but it enshrines anti-bacterial, photo-catalytic and anti-pollution properties.

In other words, an egg that illuminates in a never-seen-before way, while purifying the surrounding environment. Moreover, Eggy perfectly integrates inside any architecture and is characterized by an invisible luminous source. A light that becomes a protagonist thanks to its chameleonic properties, which becomes a unique and elegant decorative element thanks to the design by Stefano Dall’Osso.

With Eggy, the functionality of a discreet, embracing and well-distributed light meets the emotional element, where the oval shape stands out on the ceiling, creating a visual fascination.


Eggy can be applied to ceilings using a symmetrical ruster, and its oval shape makes it perfect for uses with a random technique, where an “organized disorder” contributes to the enhancement of its visual impact, intensifying the contrast of volumes”. “While creating Eggy”, -says Stefano Dall’Osso– “I tried to visualize a product able to perfectly adapt to contemporary design needs: it can be used to highlight a single detail or, when used on vast volumes, it can improve an environment, playing with light and with the combination of shapes”.

Andrea Buzzi, the owner of the company, tunes in, adding that “with Eggy, we were able to give an architectural answer that aims for simplicity. I’ve always felt a peculiar fascination for the air of mistery that surrounds this particular shape, and thanks to Stefano we were able to draw together classical and modern styles. Being able to blend the results of our technological researches with the knowledge of a design expert is not an everyday situation, and this is why we are so proud of Eggy”.

From a technological point of view, Eggy is equipped with a high-performance COB (Chip on Board) which gives multiple advantages: long-lasting performances, high efficiency, clean light, spot lighting flexible installation, low CO2 emissions and Kw use, and a better comfort with high-quality lighting performances.●

Technical features
–         completely invisible recessed light
–         installation in plasterboard or brick ceilings
–         AirCoral® body
–         Push/push retention system to dismantle electrical components
–         no visible screws or springs in the LED source installation
–         asymmetric light beam
–         40° light beam
–         colou: white 3000K

Founded in 1990, Buzzi & Buzzi is a company specialized in the creation of built-in invisible indoor and outdoor lighting devices, often designed by renowned designers and architects. The perfect symbiosis of technique and design represents the main feature of Buzzi & Buzzi products, giving life to innovative light concepts, not only from an aesthetic, but also from a functional and technological point of view.

Established both nationally and internationally, Buzzi & Buzzi has always been characterized by its close attention to innovation, by the research of new sustainable materials and by its continuous improvement of products and services.

Stefano Dall’Osso is a world-renowned Lighting Designer. He started his professional career in 1986, and is currently considered one of the Top 10 International Lighting Designers by Philips – Netherland and by the High Tech Campus of Eindhoven. In his 27 years of work in the field of lighting, he gave life to more than 1000 projects in 3 continents and to more than 50 luminaires, personally designed and created.

Today, Stefano is a member of APIL Italia (Lighting Professionals Association) and of IESNA (Illuminating Engineering Society of North America), and Q Light accredited professional by Cielo Buio for the coordination of the safeguard of the Dark Sky.

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