1010 CENTRAL Flagship Store

Interior Designer Clifton Leung takes pride to unveil the revolutionary retail store design of 1O1O CENTRAL flagship store.

With a clear mission to solidify 1010 brand as the leading mobile operator for its elite customer base, the architectural design of the retail space is inspired by the golden era  of travel, where 1010 customers embark on a unique and privileged 1010 “Grand  Voyage”.

A premier assortment of latest phones and gadgets are set against a luxurious and welcoming ambience, a world away from the clamoring streets outside, inviting customers to browse at their leisure.
1010-central-flagship-store-Clifton-Leung-retail-design“The telecommunications industry is rather competitive. The creative ‘Grand Voyage’ concept successfully makes the store stands out from the cliché mobile retail setting, which is often characterized by customers being served in front of service counters,” said Clifton Leung, Founder and Chief Designer of Clifton Leung Design Workshop. “The design concept originates from the splendor of the golden age of travel, which attracted the greatest personalities of the day, from world leaders to movie stars. It was the quintessence of luxury travel, surrounding guests with every comfort and opulence,” added Clifton.

1010-central-flagship-store-Clifton-Leung-retail-designCovering some 5,000 sq. ft., the luxurious journey begins with a captivating floor-to-ceiling, black-framed window façade, opening the two-storey store directly onto the street. The interior design of 1010 Central is marked by specially crafted leather seating, marble flooring, subtle wood veneer and an eye-soothing plant wall. Vast array of phones and gadgets are creatively displayed in an unobtrusive setting of vintage trunks in stainless steel. By stepping into 1010 Central, customers get transported to the 1010 elite lifestyle.
1010-central-flagship-store-Clifton-Leung-retail-designUsing a clever play of space and light, the grandeur of the raised marble platform by the entrance is accentuated by mood lighting, which are embedded into the ceiling wood panels. It offers a perfect platform and creates a theatrical presence for hosting a variety of events including product launch and performances.

1010 Central hosts six distinct VIP zones with unique themes, featuring 1O1O Quintessentially, Asia Miles, golf, horse-racing, wine & fine dining and travel. Individual zone is defined by creative use of elegantly crafted wooden cabinet adorned with thematic lifestyle ornaments, creating a semi-enclosed area for private consultation with attentive and knowledgeable 1010 ambassadors.

1010-central-flagship-store-Clifton-Leung-retail-designThe 1010 Grand Voyage is further enhanced by the B&O sound system and 1O1O signature fragrance. The design concept, the choice of materials and sensory appeals blend seamlessly to evoke the senses and represent the pinnacle of customer experience. 1O1O CENTRAL has become the newest landmark in Central. The revolutionary concept molded into strong visual presentation has set new standards for the retail space design of the telecommunication industry.