KLEA FINE BAKERY Thessaloniki.

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Designed by Karalasos Operaday Architects, Klea Bakery Salonicco located in the ground floor of a 1930 listed building, upon the major historical city’s axis.

Klea Fine Bakery Salonicco designed by Karalasos Operaday Architect

The oddly elongate space is knowingly emphasized through a tenacious, legible though, sense of rhythm, provided by raw oak, 19th century’s “new gothic” trusses (familiar in period city’s buildings) patched with linear untreated black steel structures. The accented axial layout serves and fulfills the numerous and severe display’s demandings.

The on-site preparation of oven-made products, becomes whimsically obvious, through the insertion of the episodic pavilion shape, resulting the basic roof structure. The gradual ceiling lowering, enhances the cutting-edge severity, ending up to the, inspired by Theo van Doesburg, glass composition.

Klea Fine Bakery Salonicco designed by Karalasos Operaday Architect

Architectural Designers
Karalasos Operaday Architects
, Wassily Karalasos, architect engineer/interior designer,
Ioannis Anestidis, architect engineer,
Lefteris Akepsimaidis, interior designer
Area 90 sqm
Photos courtesy vavdinoudis-dimitriou / studiovd

Karalasos Operaday Architects is an architectural firm, based in Thessaloniki, holds an experience of over 25 years in the sector of entertainment, hospitality, retail and residential projects. The firm acts as a key partner on every project, through high quality detailing, ambiance, familiarity and constant research upon materials, reclaimed on identification, overview and “redefinition” of each relevant successful enterprising activity. The process deals with all factors of overall design intervention, including custom made furniture, creating a whole aiming to enhance daily life activities.
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