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In the historical center of Rovereto, a beautiful and cozy town in the heart of the Italian Dolomites, Giovanni Savio, owner of Pharmacy Thaler, provides his customers with a full range of health and beauty services in a totally renewed environment.

The collaboration with the Italian furniture manufacturer Th.Kohl has been key to Mr. Savio’s dreams fulfillment. Now, the design of the interiors perfectly conveys the interests and specializations of the whole working team.

thaler pharmacy

Mr. Savio immediately recognized Th.Kohl and Mr. Pontiroli, a well-known architect in the sector of pharmacy design, as partners for the creation of a shop that should have been both beautiful and functional to his business objectives.

First of all, the pharmacy moved from an historical building where major works could not be done, to a next-door space with less protective restrictions. Mr. Pontiroli completely designed the ground floor, where not only the products display takes place, but also the personal counseling towards those clients who need the team’s professional knowledge. The basement was totally renewed: now, the warehouse and some offices are located downstairs.

Regarding the exposition, Th.Kohl and Mr. Pontiroli wanted to give the shop a new image, more dynamic and informal, in order to differentiate it from the other pharmacies of the area.

Th.Kohl pharmacy design

The commercial area (i.e. where supplements and cosmetics are displayed) is where the most innovative solutions have been adopted: warm colors and soft lights, with elegant and original furniture solutions. The windows were projected to let people understand what happens inside the store.

The layout was studied in all details, in order to combine tradition and innovation, and to clearly but elegantly display all products and services. Visual communication and category management are evident in Pharmacy Thaler, with the only objective to convey the working team’s professional values.

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