Association of European Window Dressers and Visuals

The non-profit Association, born from the desire of window dressers, visual merchandisers, designers and creatives, organizes training courses and contests for shopwindows at national and international level, attends for showrooms, meetings, events and exhibitions.

Mr. Giuseppe Marco Pasquarella leads the Association with experienced teachers, and it is aimed at public authorities, independents and companies, with the purpose to develop highly qualified people answering  to  new growing needs in the Italian and international markets.


The regional offices are spread, from north to south, throughout the national territory: Turin, Milan, Pordenone, Bologna, Rome, Pescara, Chieti, Petacciato (Campobasso), Altamura (Bari), Caltanissetta, Cagliari, Sassari, Nuoro, Ostuni.

The professional courses gather basic window dressing, advanced window dressing, visual merchandiser, full immersion, sales techniques, with the final assignment of a Certificate and the Card Association.

Window Dressers & Europeans Visuals, using a national chain of companies such as Almax, Vetrina In, Polyfantasy, Graf Adhesive, Dlb Informatics and Expovetrine School, will help all professionals and members of this sector.

The collaboration with prestigious national and international partners such as VMM European Visual Marketing Merchandising Association, Enaip, Randstad and AN Shopfitting Magazine, ensures credibility and visibility.

Among the projects for the future we recommend the first national event to be held in Milan, June 26, at the Palazzo Reale. The Event called “MILAN WINDOW DISPLAY IN THE WORLD” and sponsored by the City of Milan, will be a meeting point for members and not, to show the everyday work of the National Executive.

This occasion welcome the opportunity to award the most beautiful Christmas Window2015, the companies, new teachers, schools that have brought success to the Association, in addition to fashion and press personalities.

The Association participates to major social: Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and Instagram, and can be reached at the website where you’ll find details of the secretariat and the Presidency.

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