Checkland Kindleysides and Nixon partner on the design of Nixon’s new London Store

Set over two floors, the design for Nixon’s second London store on Neal Street (in Seven Dials) follows the  ‘Horizon line’* concept that we created for the brand. As with their Paris and Newburgh Street stores, Neal Street features unique design elements that differentiate it from the other sites.

From the monochromatic exterior, passers-by have a clear view into the store, with window showcases featuring their latest watches. Inside, ‘new release’ product campaigns are presented in a dedicated area.

Opposite, a singular line of watches creates a slim-line ‘watch wave’ with watches displayed rhythmically on undulating plinths, partly submerged in an under-lit aqua blue tank. The ‘watch wave’ is set against a video wall backdrop playing films** featuring Nixon ambassadors creating an exhilarating backdrop to the watches and a sense of the energy behind the brand and its wearers.

Nixon’s new London Store

Further down the store the ‘sneaker style’ watch wall, Nixon’s largest to date with 130 watches, presents watches in an open accessible display, enabling customers to try on and play with the watches unassisted. Like the others stores, Neal Street features a ‘custom bar’, though located in the basement of this store, customers can have a sneak preview of watches being built from the ground floor, via a glass covered void (left by left by the previous occupant’s dumb waiter), which looks directly down onto the customiser’s work bench .

At the back of the store, the cash desk mirrors the design of the ‘watch wave’ table with its under-lit blue glass and encased neon Nixon ‘wings’ branding. The desk is nestled in a room lined with skateboard decks inspired by safety deposit boxes at a bank vault. Featuring a design that subtly references the ‘horizon line’ concept; the decks conceal hidden cupboards, with random doors opening to reveal surprise product display

retail design nixon london store by Checkland Kindleysides

With a nod to Nixon’s roots, the basement takes inspiration from construction of the underside of skate bowls. The ribs of the structure create an inverted exoskeleton which wraps around the (black) interior of the space creating a really intimate atmosphere with the feel of an underground bar or speakeasy.

retail design nixon london store by Checkland Kindleysides

It’s here that customers can visit the custom bar, choosing elements to create their own customised watch from a palette of component parts of watch faces straps, cases and engraved detailing options. The other focus in the basement is Nixon’s premium Swiss-made ‘RSVP’ line of limited edition watches. With four watch silhouettes, reimagined with unpredictable elements and colour-ways, once they’re gone, they’re gone and customers have to wait of the next launch. The RSVP collection is displayed within the skeletal structure which creates individual pigeonholes, each presenting a single product on a colour co-ordinated block. Customers can use the pull out trays below to display RSVP watches side by side or take them to the bar area spend a little more time to play and consider their purchase. As well as watches the 1,000ft² store also carries Nixon’s full collection of clothing and accessories.

We’re excited to have the opportunity to raise Nixon’s profile in London and the UK”, added Philippe Gouzes VP of Sales/General Manager EMEA. “We have found that these stores are a great way to introduce people to Nixon and showcase the brand and they really accelerate the business of our retail partners. The UK presents an amazing opportunity for Nixon going forward”.

The store is located at 31 Neal Street, London, WC2H 9PR.