3F Filippi launches some products dedicated to retail stores.

Modular lighting system | LED spotlight

AN shopfitting Magazine soluzioni illuminotecniche per il retail
3F Linux

3F Linux is the new modular lighting system with continuous rows dedicated to the sales areas such as shopping malls, hypermarkets, supermarkets and shops.

To the load-bearing structure of the system (Linux S 3F) three different types of lighting elements can be connected: 3F Linux L (with lenses), 3F Linux D (with round screen) and 3F Linux DR (with a square screen).

Moreover the product can be equipped with the new Beacon technology, managed through Bluetooth devices that, when placed in a physical space as a store, transmit radio low-power and short-range signals around them.

Using Bluetooth technology the device can estimate the smartphones position and interact with them exchanging data and information about the products shown. In this way customers will benefit from customized notifications as they walk in the store and will be able to easily find featured and promotion products.

AN shopfitting magazine soluzioni-illuminotecniche-per-il-retail
3F Emilio

The new LED spotlight 3F Emilio, designed by the Belgian Serge and Robert Cornelissen designers, addressed to sales areas such as supermarkets, is designed for high energy efficiency systems and provides a dedicated light for stores.

The news is that it allows precise distributions or very wide spectrum. With a simple and elegant design, 3F Emilio is the result of a deep examination of three different aspects.

The first is the physical one: the reduced size of the product and the compactness which guarantee a great advantage at a visual level, especially in retail environments where many devices are installed at a close distance.

The second aspect is the need to ensure an above-average bright flux: 3F Emilio was designed as a finned body, useful for improving the thermal capability and equipped with a smooth outside surface to ensure easy maintenance and excellent volume-to-lumen ratio for an LED projector with passive cooling. The third and last aspect studied relates to the lighting control which resulted optimum without compromising the optical efficiency nor the visual comfort.

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