Silvian Heach in a 700 square meters.

Silvian Heach in a 700 square meters.

📅01 Luglio 2016, 13:21

In the central Via Dante no.7, opened the first Silvian Heach Boutique in Milan, a stunning space.

silvian heach Milan
The store, designed by architects Fabio Marano and Fabio Caselli, covers an area of 700 sqm dedicated to new brand categories: Silvian Heach, the collection for modern woman, contemporary and casual and SH by Silvian Heach, new born brand of the Naples Company, designed to meet the needs of a new target, younger and attentive to a winning value for money. Two different but complementary worlds, which are also reflected in the interior spaces.
silvian heach Milan

The Marble Concept designed for the new retail concept, defines style and mood of Silvian Heach with an innovative material. Marble, evocative of Italian elegance is reinterpeted graphically and portrayed in its most contemporary form becoming the central element of the concept store.

This is the reason behind the name Marble Concept and the decision to line the store’s walls seamlessly with a highly innovative product of glazed porcelain stoneware with cartoon graphics for a contemporary interpretation of surfaces.

The lining acts as true “skin” detached from the supporting structure and is highlighted by the use of linear led lights positioned on the upper part, creating an extremely evocative effect.

The Marble Concept is complemented and accompanied by fine materials such as champagne galvanised gold hanging rails, shelf finishes in glossy black chrome, freestanding platforms and furnishings, transparent crystal, retro varnished glass in white and wood drawers treated with stripped finish.

Careful attention was given to the furnishing elements to ensure the beauty of the overall mood of the concept store.

retail design an shopfitting magazineLight and shadows play evocatively on table surfaces thanks to eccentric suspension lamps by Flos, while the seating is upholstered with fine velvet fabrics by Dedar in glamorous powder blue and the fitting room’s creamy curtains echo the galvanized metal of the hanging rails.

The flooring in herringbone oak parquet creates a warm effect which is immediately welcoming. Its simplicity emphasizes all the elements of the concept. Multimedia and interactive spaces, lights, music and technology express and interpret the spaces of teenagers.

The format strikes first for the richness of details: the fresh colors and the mix of materials for an extremely feminine, current and identifiable space.

The interior design suggests the idea of lightness as for the use of panels that reflect different environment: from the room, the disco, the concerts, but also to the boutique. The same freshness can be found in the brightly minimal furnishing systems.

The glossy metals, the lighting system, the crystals displays and the monochromatic paints combine with a neutral cement flooring visually connected to the various elements. For sale there are not simply Silvian Heach collections, but also and especially sensory emotions.

retail design vetrine silvian heach an shopfitting magazineSmall timeless POP-UP timeless positioned in  the store to host an exclusive selection of objects and vintage items, as a result of a special collaboration with the Naples boutique “Mastro Geppetto Vintage”.

The food also has a leading role with the Silvian Heach collections: thanks to a Partenrship with the chocolate and ice cream maufacturer WE LOVE PURE, all customers will be sweetly surprised with a delicious corner, 100% natural.

The brand continually involved to young talents and emerging designers gives them the opportunity to exhibit their works within specific corners. Some of them Alessandro Prisco, Jsign, Offiseria, Marco Ripa and Artful.

The new Silvian Heach boutique is then transformed into a modern concept store disclosing itself not only as a mere shopping destination, but above all as integral part of the Lombardy cultural centre.
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