boutique nino alvarez barcellona Francesc Rifé

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Nino Alvarez, multi-brand clothing store with the best international brands, has four stores (men & women) in Barcelona and Sant Cugat.

This new store is located in one of the most commercially district of Barcelona.

Linked for years to the design of Nino Álvarez shops, this 225 sqm area, located between two of the most typical streets of the city of Barcelona, is a permanent homage to Catalan modernism.

boutique nino alvarez barcelona  by Francesc Rifé

The store’s set up recalls the shelving of the former Colmado Quílez: the grocery occupying these premises from the ‘40s onwards.

An image enhanced by the mesh with which the studio has decided to dress up the space, and which in turn acts as shelving for arranging clothing. With a triangular distribution, divided into two areas —one for tailor-made clothing— connected by a glass window and a mirror, used throughout the entire project as a “magical feature”.

boutique nino alvarez barcelona by Francesc Rifé

Its purpose is to transform the triangular structure into a square. Some of the fittings have been cast in yellow representing the golden age of Barcelona and the vitality of the city today.

In harmony with the building, which includes features which have been listed for their historical value, the shop windows have been one of the most prominent designs: projected from the inside outwards, and forming part of the structure of the mesh.

boutique nino alvarez barcellona Francesc Rifé


His career as an interior and industrial designer begins during the period of his academic training through various collaborations with architecture and design studios. He also assumes personal projects.

In 1994 he founded his own studio in Barcelona and currently leads a team of professionals trained in various fields of design. His projects, national and international, range from interior to industrial design in the commercial and private sectors.

The studio also has considerable experience in graphic design projects, photography and art direction. Its design philosophy is based on the spatial and geometric proportion. Throughout his career Rifé has received many prizes in the field of design, like Contract World, Spanish National Awards of Ephemeral Architecture EMPORIA, the Red Dot, ICFF Editors, FAD and several ASCER awards.

His work has been widely reported in the press and specialized publications and books nationally and internationally. Also, several books that collect his most outstanding works have been published. After many years teaching he currently has an active role in workshops, meetings, and conferences throughout the Spanish territory and internationally.

by AN shopfitting magazine no.134
Photos courtesy Fernando Alda