GAA designs the first decorative collection for Quattrobi.

GAA designs the first decorative collection for Quattrobi.

📅05 Ottobre 2016, 18:20

The lighting company chooses the designers of Giraldi Associates Architects studio for the creation of their first decorative collection. A selection has been presented at the Hotel Show Fair held in Dubai on 17th-19th September.

GAA collezione decorativa Quattrobi


The Quattrobi stand, designed as usual by the GAA Studio, with the aim to immerse the visitor in a real dimension by giving the idea of being inside a hotel. In fact the entrance of  the stand is  a real reception where it is possible to  meet the staff for the trading within the lounge areas arranged on the sides.

The space enlighted by hanging lamps of decorative collection, that have been designed by the GAA for the contract sector, are characterized by elegance, modernity and technology. The aim of the designers is actually to revive classical objects through a modern interpretation linked to new lighting technologies that have identified Quattrobi for over 30 years
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