New O’STIN concept store

O'Stin concept store Grottini

Grottini designed a new retail format focused on customer experience and emotion.

new O'Stin concept store

The new O’STIN concept has been developed to create a welcoming and dynamic sales environment which is able to grab the customer’s attention.

O'Stin concept store by Grottini

The main goal of the teamwork between Grottini’s design office and O’STIN has been to improve the customer experience, reorganizing retail spaces and implementing emotional factors in order to make this 3rd generation format more trendy, open, and friendly by simplifying and refining the architectural environment.

new O'Stin concept store

The new concept includes a large entrance allowing a clear view from the outside of the store. Anthracite gray, ivory, and textured materials are blended together with waxed birch wood to give the store a more natural and warm look. Geometric lines and shapes recall the paintings of Kandinsky and the Russian culture in general.

New O'STIN concept store

Since 2003, O’STIN has been producing high quality and competitively priced clothes for men, women, and children at competitive prices. Thanks to 500 stores in Russiaseveral stores in the Ukraine and Kazakhistan, as well as their e-store launched in 2012, O’STIN is now the leading Russian clothing retailer.