JOSEFINAS flagship store New York

Christian Lahoude retail design Josefinas flagship store

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Christian Lahoude Studio collaborated with Portuguese footwear brand Josefinas to conceive and bring to life their first, worldwide flagship store in Manhattan’s NoLita neighborhood.

Christian Lahoude retail design Josefinas flagship store

The goal was to refine and translate the Josefinas brand message into a real-world retail experience.

The resulting design speaks to the femininity of the Josefinas world, incorporating a young, fresh feel, while paying homage to the distinctive heritage of the brand through the use of exclusively handmade design elements that speak to Portuguese craftsmanship.

In keeping with the intimate feel that is particular to NoLita, the façade and window display are whimsical and inviting, with a rounded Josefinas sign and hanging bi-level shelf with the peach mirror tops on which the designs are displayed.

Christian Lahoude retail design Josefinas flagship store

The tulle sheer adds a delicacy to the setting and allows customers to focus on the products. This floating element lends a lightness and airiness that is carried throughout the store.

For the concept, the studio took its inspiration from both nature and Josefinas’ craftsmanship. The team designed elements, including the front door handle, shoe displays (wood trunks and risers), the exterior sign and the rounded, illuminated sign in the front window, and complemented them with specially chosen pieces of furniture -a mirror in a copper frame, copper tables and armchair- all crafted by Portuguese artisans from local materials, an important aspect for a brand whose shoes are handmade in the country.

The heart of the store is a life-size tree hand sculptured and crafted from copper. It symbolizes a key brand tenet – the reachable dream.

The fabrics, wall coverings and other materials were selected to reflect the strength, femininity and artistic expression of the brand, including leather and faux fur used by Josefinas in their designs. The concrete floor and mirrors provide freshness and a sense of the modern, but are still elegant next to the rich fabrics, lush carpet and mother-of-pearl wallpaper.

Christian Lahoude retail design Josefinas flagship store

Custom-made velvet sofas and benches create a comfortable and lounge space and serve the dual purpose of becoming displays for the products, the curved bench seating being inspired by the asymmetrical bow of the Josefinas logo – distinctive, handmade and, thus, not perfect.

To complement the subtle sophistication and materiality created in the front and on the right side of the store, the studio introduced simplicity through the use of the mirrors on the opposite wall.

In addition to enhancing the perceived size of the space, they lend a modern, light feel as they float on the wall and emphasize the lighting in the background. The alternating peach mirror panels are a unique accent that work well with the brand aesthetic.

Christian Lahoude retail design Josefinas flagship store

Prior to entering the inviting back garden, shoppers pass through the VIP “room” – a soft space with a custom bench and fabric wall that supports floating shelving that presents the most exclusive shoes from the brand. The interior flows to the garden space, connecting it to nature.

Project Josefinas Flagship Store
Location NoLIta, New York, USA
Design Christian Lahoude Studio,
Project Designer Karolina Wierzbinska
Project Architect Lucia Galeano
Area 50 sqm
Photos courtesy Scott Norsworthy
by AN shopfitting magazine no.135 ©

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